Young Ambassadors


Batch 2012-13

Young Ambassadors are students and professionals who have recently visited a university or research centre in Germany and are interested in promoting Germany as a destination for higher learning by sharing their experience  with fellow students. They help inspire their fellows to study or research in Germany by answering questions, and by organizing events on and off campus.

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Abhishek Debroy

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Agartala
German Institution: Max-Born-Institut, Berlin
Subject: Electronics & Communication Engineereing

Being selected as the second student from NIT-Agartala for DAAD WISE was a dream come true for me. I got a golden opportunity to pursue my summer internship at Max-Born-Institute in Berlin. My topic of research was "Analysis of sub-wavelength ripples generated due to Laser-SP interference". I Reached Berlin on 1st June 12 with high spirits and a better vision towards scientific collaboration between the nations. The duration of my stay was 2 months. The first glimpse of the country held me awe-struck by its decorum and development. In course of time, the country and its citizens proved their testimonials of being punctual, dedicated and smart. The modern research facilities and proper guidance from my professor gave me a platform to develop my skills and complete my project on time. Apart from the academic point of view, Germany will amaze you with its rich culture, vibrant history and ethnic traditions. The cultural exchanges and travelling to nearby countries, all were new experiences for me. The whole experience helped me to become more efficient and more adaptive. It really boosts up one's confidence after he completes the internship successfully. The two months were really wonderful and while returning back to my homeland, I made a silent promise to Germany that I shall be back soon.

Manmohan Dass Goel

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi & CSIR-AMPRI Bhopal
German Institution: Universität der Bundeswehr, Munich
Subject: Civil Engineering (Structural Dynamics)

It was summer days in India, when I started my journey to the whole new world of nice experiences in my life under the umbrella of DAAD sandwich model PhD scholarship. It was fantastic experience on the very first day in Germany to see the remains of Berlin wall. My first three and half month stay in Berlin for German language course helped me to closely learn, interact and adapted to the professional, structured environment and exceptionally beautiful people of Germany. I met nice people from different cultural background and made friends. After my language course, I moved to another stunning German city, Munich situated in the laps of German Alps. Here, I worked with Prof. Dr. Steffen Marburg research group for one year at University of German Armed Forces. I worked on research topic “Blast response of structures and its mitigation using advanced lightweight materials”. During this stay and travel in and around the Germany, I learned a lot. These experiences of research and travel in one of the most beautiful part of the world have broadened my horizons beyond limits. These experiences have enhanced my potential to achieve my goals and to help others to achieve their career goals. Moreover, I really enjoyed my meals in “Mensa” with my colleagues and discussed several topics during this time. My stay in Germany had certainly proved as a best part of my life and now, as a DAAD young ambassador, I wish to help and steer other people to go to Germany to learn from the best educators and enjoy the unique German culture as well. There is more lot to share with you all and I welcome you to write me anytime. Ciao!

Sourayon Chanda

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Durgapur
German Institution: Universität Stuttgart
Subject: Mechanical Engineering

Currently a final year B.Tech student of the department of Mechanical Engineering in NIT Durgapur, I have undertaken my summer research internship in the Institut für Thermodynamik der Luft- und Raumfahrt (ITLR), Universität Stuttgart, Germany, the topic of my research being “Stokes hypothesis”. My short term stay in Germany has enabled me to develop a fairly good idea of the German education system and research facilities. With state-of-the-art research facilities and great independence at work, Germany is a perfect destination for those interested in productive and useful research activities. Though language may be a small hurdle, people in Germany are always ready to help you in all possible ways. For example, when I first reached Stuttgart, I asked a passerby to help me with the automatic ticket machine; in return, he not only helped me with it, but even gave me a lift in his car to my destination. The German research work culture is very flexible about the working hours. You can do your work anytime you want; however, one has to be punctual about finishing the work on time. All in all, it was a really wonderful and memorable experience for me in Germany, and I would like to encourage other fellow students to pursue their higher aspirations in Germany. For any further assistance, feel free to email me.

Arthita Ghosh

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
German Institution: Universität Bremen
Subject: Computer Science & Engineering

At the end of my fourth year of undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Engineering at IIT, Kharagpur, I visited the University of Bremen for an internship with the Cognitive Systems group as a WISE scholar funded by DAAD. My project was on Gesture Recognition. After eleven weeks of a fruitful internship, I have come back with quite a few cherishable experiences. Bremen's history stretches back more than 1,200 years. About 25 percent of the total population is of non-German origin. More than 3,100 persons are employed in Bremen. It is the second development centre after Hamburg. My initial days in the city, was restricted primarily to the premises of the University besides occasional trips to the Central station and grocery stores. Slowly I started feeling more familiar and went out to explore the riverfront, the shopping malls, restaurants and the ancient and baroque buildings in the city centre. During these few weeks I got to visit a few other German cities, like Munich, Berlin, Dresden and Cologne. I visited the concentration camp at Dachau and took a guided tour in Munich. These experiences provided me with some invaluable insight into the German history and culture. What impressed me the most is the hardworking nature, punctuality, honesty and strong sense of patriotism among the Germans. Being there for a couple of months, I could taste the feeling of security, independence and personal freedom which is so rare in most of the other nations.

Abhranil Das

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata
German Institution: Universität Hamburg
Subject: Physics

I am Abhranil Das, and at the time of my appointment as a DAAD Young Ambassador for 2011, I just finished my 3rd year of a 5-year integrated MS in Physics at IISER Kolkata. My passions include writing, photography, sketching and playing the drums. I also rather like programming, and graphic and web design. Outdoor activities I enjoy are biking, swimming and football. You can touch base with me at my homepage.
I worked with Prof. Dr. Robi Banerjee’s research group at the Hamburger Sternwarte (Hamburg-Bergedorf Observatory) under the University of Hamburg for two and a half months, on ‘Star formation using numerical simulations on GPUs’. I wrote programs to analyse GPU v/s CPU process speeds for arithmetical computations frequently required in numerically simulated astrophysics.My work and travels in and around Germany have given me a rare and much-needed international exposure that I am sure will strongly shape my future. My DAAD blog contains some of these experiences. It is my belief that finding yourself in a wholly new social and work environment lets you discover your place in the world, something I believe is integral to any student today with academic ambitions and a focus to the future. Thus it is with all sincerity and gladness that I promote my experience and urge all aspiring scholars to take advantage of Germany’s very welcoming and generous foreign study programs.

Agastya Prakash Bhati

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali
German Institution: Freie Universität Berlin
Subject: Chemical Sciences

I am Agastya P. Bhati, a 4th year student of BS-MS-dual-degree-course at IISER Mohali. I did my summer internship at Freie University Berlin in the field of computational chemistry in 2012. Following is some information about the German system which I think is worth sharing. FU has a good research environment allowing me to successfully do my project. I was provided with a well equipped place in my lab. There also exists an International Student’s Office, the first place to go for any international student, regarding any kind of help or information. They helped me in enrollment, getting my semester ticket and mensa card. Semester ticket is another facility there which is a ticket of public transport for whole semester at much reduced rate especially for students. I could get varieties of food at the world class mensa with reduced rate. Moreover, education in my university is free of cost. Germany is also a tourist friendly place. Bearing Schengen-visa and Eurail-pass, facilitated by the very good connectivity and punctuality of Deutsch Bahn trains, I enjoyed lot of travelling across the Europe. I was really impressed by the friendly and helping nature of Germans. There is bulk of public and private funding in basic research. Apart from universities there are also various research organizations like Max Planck Society, Helmholtz Association, Leibniz Association, etc. There is also lots of scholarships available, making Germany a hub of young international cream minds. Thus I suggest all to go Germany for further studies and enjoy.

Govind Lohia

Indian Institution: SP Jain Institute of Management and Research Mumbai
German Institution: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Subject: Business Management

Hello! I am Govind Lohia, a PGDM participant at S.P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai. I completed my B.Tech from NIT Warangal in 2010 and then worked with Wipro Technologies under ‘Fast Track Management Profile’ for 2 years. During the summers of 2009, I had an opportunity to undertake research internship at University of Göttingen under DAAD’s WISE program. Connecting the dots backward, this opportunity seems to have played an important role in shaping me and my career thereafter. It gave me an experience of working with people from 17 nationalities with inherent cultural diversities, collaborating for a greater good. It taught me to cook my own food, do the dishes and be an independent individual. It showed me that a person can be equally passionate be it partying, playing football or working on a lab bench. Most importantly seeing the people around, it inspired me to be a contributor rather than a complainer. Apart from the insightful lessons (agreed, a little serious though), the internship also opened the door to the world of fun and frolic. Weekend trips across the length and breadth of Europe, barbecue, late night parties, football matches, marathon runs, river cruising et al. You name it and all I would say is, ‘been there, done that’. It was truly exciting being a part of Germany and I strongly recommend all to experience this ‘Land of Ideas’ at least once as a student. There is immense to learn! If you wish to hear more from me, please send me your queries.

Seshadri Gowrishankar

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai
German Institution: Technische Universität Darmstadt
Subject: Chemical Engineering

I am a final year student of Chemical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. I interned through the DAAD-WISE program at the Technical University of Darmstadt in the area of super-hydrophobic flows on microfluidic devices. The project was an analytic one and through the intern, my desk was cluttered with stacks of notebooks filled with tedious mathematics and Greek symbols. I also had to write several lines of code, some of them in vain. The German Culture, be it in their beer, in their football, or in their punctuality is something you will not find in India, and these will be things you miss most once you return. The sense of order seen in Germany is not found anywhere else even in Europe, something I noticed when I visited some of the neighbouring countries. The experience of Germany opens your mind, to a world of paintings, architecture and scenic beauty, and widens your perspective towards a very different culture. The opportunity of learning both technically and culturally in Germany is unparalleled and I sincerely hope that students take advantage of Germany's generous study opportunities.

Ajay Rajiv Jamodkar

Indian Institution: Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology
German Institution: Technische Universität München
Subject: Electrical & Electronics Engineering

You have to dream before you achieve it, and make it big once you have it, that was the line I heard from someone long time ago. I only realized it completely, when I got the chance to go to Germany which eventually converted into a short euro trip. It was like a dream come true. I am a final year EEE student at VNIT Nagpur. I went to TU MUNICH for my summer internship fully funded by DAAD WISE program. I worked on ’Field Oriented Control Of Synchronous Machine’ at TU, Munich. It is one of the World’s best university to excel in the field of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. My lab was with the finest quality of instruments for research and experimentation. Doing a project was never so much of fun. As one some of the finest minds were guiding me towards my goal. During this short stay of mine in Munich I found that Germany apart from having some of the best research institutes and Universities also has a very splendid culture, beautiful landscapes, and magnificent cities. And all these things urge you to spend more time there Studying in Germany was not only about completing project or credits but I got the opportunity to learn many things about German culture ,there dedication towards work ,openness in expressing thoughts and of course their love for beer and football. It is all together a new experience of Making international friends , trying to learn a new language , tasting new cuisines and spending weekends in the beautiful countryside is all what made this short trip to Germany one of the most memorable events of my life.

Arpit Dua

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
German Institution: Max-Planck-Institut (MPIPKS), Dresden
Subject: Physics

My connection to Germany began with DAAD-WISE research opportunity at the Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden. My work was confined to 2 chains. Electrons were hopping from one to another and we were worried about some connection between these two chains which is referred to as the Entanglement Entropy. I like the fact that this connection comes out be very non-trivial and is itself an area of research for its implications in Quantum Computing. The best part of doing research at MPI was that, though visiting for a short term as an intern student, I got to have regular scientific discussions along with top-notch researchers like my supervisors Dr. Stefan Kirchner and Mr. Pedro Ribeiro. My work was analyzed frequently by them and guided for development. Specifically, Mr. Pedro’s involvement through both knowledge and time, in teaching many concepts and pointing out bugs with tremendous skill gave me significant boost to perform better. As it looks above, my interests are largely academic. Besides, I also like reading editorials, volunteering for social work, skydiving, travelling, playing piano and listening to fusions like tabla- guitar mix. I sign off with some unforgettable cultural and travel experiences I had in Europe, which include the ice caves & operas, simulator at the Mercedes Benz museum, and the rail to Jungfrau.

Shubhendra Nath Saha

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Rourkela
German Institution: Technische Universität Chemnitz
Subject: Mechanical Engineering

Just like any boy, ‘FOREIGN’ was a dream for me which came true when I landed on German soil after being selected as a DAAD Scholar under their WISE programme. I am Shubhendra Nath Saha, final year student pursuing B.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela. I did my summer internship under the guidance of Dipl.-Ing.Martin Kolouch, Head of Divisions: Machine Tools & Production Processes at the Technical University, Chemnitz during May-July,2012. The punctual Deutsche Bahn, the football fanaticism during the Euro Cup, the domination of Audi's and BMW's …these memories would always be cherished by me. My work regarding Model Updating of Machine Tools got recognized and thanks to Martin Sir, my paper got published at an International Conference. "You work when you work and you play when you play": is the German motto of working for 5 days and then chill out on the weekends. Kudos to my friends, Abhanshu, Anshuka & Saket (fellow WISE scholars), we utilised the weekends for exploring Germany and few other parts of Europe. It is a great honour to be selected as a Young Ambassador. This type of internship apart from giving an international exposure academically also helps one to learn to live in the German way: SELF DEPENDENT. You have any query regarding scholarship or higher education in Germany or want to know something about me or my experiences, just drop a mail and I would get back to you.

Chetan Kotanagouda Patil

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Surathkal
German Institution: Technische Universität München
Subject: Electronics & Communications

Hello, I am Chetan Patil, a final year undergraduate student pursuing Electronics & Communication in NITK, Surathkal. I interned from May to July, 2012 in the Institute for Electronic Design Automation, Technical University Munich under the DAAD WISE 2011 scholarship program. The internship provided me a great opportunity to learn and develop in the field of open source computer architecture using design automation techniques. My project team and the staff of the institute were very friendly and we regularly had fun filled activities like barbecues, football etc. It was a great opportunity experiencing the rich Bavarian culture in Munich and it helped me to get a new insight about Germany. I could see the passion of the Germans for football during the finals of UEFA championship and it was just the way the Indians are so passionate about cricket. I made many good friends in TUM and we had a great time exploring not just Munich but also other neighbouring countries. The language was no big hurdle and the organized lifestyle, rules and regulations, work-play balance, open culture and many other small things were a great experience in themselves. The internship provided me the opportunity to experience the state of the art research opportunities in Germany and was a great eye opener for me. The internship was a great exposure and a significant impact to my career and I thank DAAD for helping me in this direction.

Vidhya Ramaswamy

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Trichy
German Institution:Max-Planck-Institut (MPIKG), Potsdam
Subject: Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Germany is an Engineer’s paradise! And it is every student's dream to pursue research in this land of Innovations. I realised my dream through the DAAD WISE programme, in the summer of 2012. Hello! My name is Vidhya Ramaswamy, and I am currently pursuing my final year, B.Tech, in the field of, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, at NIT Tiruchirappalli.I had been to the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, at Potsdam, in Germany, to pursue a research intern in the field of Biomaterials and Biomimetics for a period of 2 months. My project involved 3 D modelling of biological interfaces and tensile testing of their rapid prototypes. One important thing that my project and my stay in Germany taught me was time management. Right from catching trains, to submissions at work, punctuality is an unsaid rule in Germany. The flexible yet focused research atmosphere, is more than welcoming for any aspiring researcher. The warmth and the air of optimism that the people portray help International students overcome cultural and language barriers and socialise with a variety of people. When I was chosen for the WISE internship programme, one of my first concerns as a girl was safety. But after my stay in Germany, I would affirmatively say that it is one of the safest places in the world for students. Thus, as the DAAD Young Ambassador, I sincerely recommend and urge students to make use of the abundant and promising opportunities that Germany offers for international candidates and chase their academic dreams.