Young Ambassadors


Batch 2013-14

Young Ambassadors are students and professionals who have recently studied or carried out research at a university or research centre in Germany and are interested in promoting Germany as a destination for higher learning by sharing their experience  with fellow students. They help inspire their fellows to study or research in Germany by answering questions, and by organizing events on and off campus.

DAAD Young Ambassadors for 2013-14 are:

Rahul Arora

Indian Institution: National Institute of Design Ahmedabad
German Institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Subject: Transportation and Automobile Design

Germany is an Automobile paradise! And as every other student's dream to pursue research in this land of Innovations, I realized my dream by going for a research internship at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, in the summer of 2012 through Karlsruhe House for Young Scientist ( KHYS) Visiting researcher scholarship. Hello! My name is Rahul Arora and I am currently pursuing my 1st Semester, PGDPD, in the field of, Transportation & Automobile Design at NID Gandhinagar. My research topic was one of the hot topic of Germany and around the world " Electro-Mobility". I worked there for a period of 3 months. My project involved comparing the market potentials of "Electro Mobility" in France, Germany and India taking into account the important macro and micro economic factors. Also I was responsible for analysis of user acceptance of electric vehicles in French and German markets under the project "Cross Border Mobility of Electric vehicles". The flexible yet disciplined and focused research atmosphere, offers numerous opportunities for any aspiring researcher. The warmth and the air of optimism that the people portray help International students overcome cultural and language barriers and socialize with a variety of people. Thus, as the DAAD Young Ambassador, I am here to help students to identify opportunities and make use of these abundant and promising opportunities that Germany offers for international candidates to chase their academic dreams.

Somyanshu Arora

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
German Institution: University of Kiel
Subject: Mechanical Engineering

The stay in Germany was near perfect. I had always admired the Germans for their work ethos and determination which helped them rise again after the world war and has kept them ahead in the technical world. I worked at a world class facility in University of Kiel under a highly rated professor and it nothing less than a dream come true. Also, I found the people in general in Germany very helpful and thus the stay became a memorable one. The best thing about Germany is that the education there is entirely free. The same goes for healthcare. The infrastructure was great to say the least. The best aspect of it (which I just could not ignore being a mechanical engineer) was that it took into consideration everything (and I mean it). I had never seen a footpath tapering off at the edge (so that people can easily come down) in India. I had never seen a bus which used hydraulics to get lower down its level so that the elderly can easily board the bus. It was just so perfect. I just hope that one day I can make my country as good as that.

Sri Krishna Bhogaraju

Indian Institution: Visvesvaraya College of Engineering
German Institution: Ingolstadt University of Applied Sciences
Subject: International Automotive Engineering

Driving on the 'Autobahn' at speeds of 180kmph and wondering if your speedo is actually working because there are many more who are just whizzing past you, this is how exciting life is Germany is!!! Punctuality, precision and attention to every small detail is what makes life is Germany extremely enjoyable and an excellent learning experience. I am Sri Krishna Bhogaraju and I completed by Bachelor studies in Mechanical Engineering from U.V.C.E in Bangalore before I left to Germany to pursue my Masters in International Automotive Engineering. Germany has always excited me in terms of its development and most impotantly the fast pace of innovation and state of the art technologies and the 2 years that I was in Germany, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment, both in professional as well as in personal life. There are nothing like Monday morning blues in Germany, infact I was actually waiting for the weekend to end so that I could start off with work! The work environment is encouraging and enables one to expand his/her horizons further. Perfect planning and execution become an integral part of life and precision and punctuality a habit. Overall my stay in Germany has been a very refreshing one, one that has helped me refine many simple but extremely important aspects of everyday life.

Neeraj Nitin Sinai Borker

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Madras
German Institution: Technical University Braunschweig
Subject: Mechanical Engineering

I am Neeraj currently in the final year of my bachelor program at IIT Madras. I am a mechanical engineer and I am very passionate about my work. Travelling, photography and playing cricket are my pastime activities. I had visited Germany for a span of 10 weeks to pursue a research internship at InES, TU Braunschweig. I really enjoyed the work that was assigned to me and the working atmosphere was quite professional. I really gained a lot of inputs during my stay, which not only strengthened my technical background, but also helped me improve at a professional level. Apart from work I would remember the barbecue parties and hangouts with friends. I really enjoyed the countryside and rich heritage that one can see while visiting new places. In a nut shell it was one of the most memorable summer vacations of my life and I am really glad that I chose Germany for my internship. As a DAAD Young Ambassador, I sincerely recommend students to utilize various opportunities offered by Germany to enrich your learning experience.

Avinash Bukkittu

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Karnataka
German Institution: Technical University Cottbus
Subject: Information Technology

I am Avinash N Bukkittu, a final year undergraduate student of Information Technology at National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. I am interested in core subjects like Data Structures and Algorithms, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems and Database Systems. I thus decided to pursue my research internship in one of these areas. I was an intern at Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus-Senftenberg under the guidance of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Heiner from 15th May 2013 to 15th July 2013. I was awarded the DAAD-WISE scholarship for my research internship in Germany. I got a very interesting project in the area of Petri nets which was part of a bigger project carried out at the university. It involved adding certain functionalities to a software tool called Snoopy. This tool is still being developed at the university. My skills were enhanced by a stint at the university. My stay in Germany was filled with excitement. I got a chance to visit neighbouring countries like France, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. I got an insight of various cultures and traditions of Europe. Another interesting part of the internship was the DAAD-WISE Berlin meet. I met various DAAD scholars from across the nation and was truly a fun filled experience. I interacted with the people of DAAD organisation and attended several workshops on diverse topics. I also learnt a little of German which was very useful during my stay. My internship in Germany had a perfect blend of fun and learning.

Sandeep Chittora

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
German Institution: RWTH Aachen
Subject: Energy Systems Engineering

I am sandeep chittora, managing steam turbine designs. I completed my M.Tech from IIT Bombay. At that time, I was awarded scholarship to complete my thesis in Germany. Right from begining of my engineering studies, I was fascinated for German Engineered Products, and this was like Eureka
moment for me. When I first landed in Germany, I understood why Germany deserves to be best place for studies. Everything is crafted to make it convenient for everyone, even a differently able person can roam around, take public transport, do shopping and even watch theater. You learn to respect human being and also feel proud to be human. You not only learn Arts, Science, Engineering or Management but learn basic qualities for life such as Discipline, Teamwork, Time Management and Sustainability. My topic for study in Germany was related to Renewable Energy, what else could be a better country than who has declared most of its energy consumption to be from renewables by so called "Energiewende". When you are in Germany, you understand how beautifully "sustainability" is carved into its society and culture. You not only get the rewarding career but also emerge as good human being for the well being of society. There could be no better system than like HiWi (Student Work) in Germany allowing you to learn and practice in Industry at same time, apply your learning and reduce your burden of study expenses. Thanks to Germany and thanks to DAAD to make my life so rewarding.

Arpit Dua

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
German Institution: Max-Planck-Institut (MPIPKS), Dresden
Subject: Physics

My connection to Germany began with DAAD-WISE research opportunity at the Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems in Dresden. My work was confined to 2 chains. Electrons were hopping from one to another and we were worried about some connection between these two chains which is referred to as the Entanglement Entropy. I like the fact that this connection comes out be very non-trivial and is itself an area of research for its implications in Quantum Computing. The best part of doing research at MPI was that, though visiting for a short term as an intern student, I got to have regular scientific discussions along with top-notch researchers like my supervisors Dr. Stefan Kirchner and Mr. Pedro Ribeiro. My work was analyzed frequently by them and guided for development. Specifically, Mr. Pedro’s involvement through both knowledge and time, in teaching many concepts and pointing out bugs with tremendous skill gave me significant boost to perform better. As one can see above, my interests are largely academic. Besides, I also like travelling, adventure sports, reading editorials, playing piano and listening to fusion music. This year will be my second term of serving as DAAD YA. During the last year, I have met many students who applied and have got selected to German universities. Through them, I have learnt much more about Germany and its culture than what I learnt in the two months of my stay there. I encourage students to explore the opportunities of highest quality education and cultural experience unique to Germany. With regard to my own experience, I convince you that Germany is the one of the best places for doing cutting edge research in science and technology and is a becoming a hub for innovative entrepreneurs. I sign off with some unforgettable cultural and travel experiences I had in Europe, which include the ice caves & operas, simulator at the Mercedes Benz museum, and the rail to Jungfrau.

Padmapriya Duraisamy

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Trichy
German Institution: University of Duisburg- Essen
Subject: Electronics and Communications Engineering

My name is Padmapriya Duraisamy and I am currently pursuing my final year, B.Tech, in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering at National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli. I had the opportunity to spend two months as a DAAD-WISE 2013 scholar at the Institute of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in the University of Duisburg-Essen, the third largest technical university in Germany. The German universities are well known for their academic excellence in science and engineering education. The labs are equipped with state of the art technology. The professors are always ready to clear any doubts and solve any problem one encounters academically and otherwise. I was impressed by the work discipline in the lab; during working hours everyone is serious and puts in their best and then after work hours they relax and enjoy. The people of Germany are very warm and helpful to foreigners and the living environment is very safe. I had the opportunity to try a variety of cuisines in the Mensa (mess) at the University and a chance to mingle with students of different nationalities. I also had the opportunity to visit several places in Europe. The food at the University Mensa and the transportation are highly subsidized. Language was not a barrier for communication and my apprehensions about the availability of vegetarian options proved to be totally wrong. My project work involved developing an algorithm for blind signal processing for RFID tags. Blind Signal Processing involves recovering the transmitted signal from the received signal with no knowledge of the channel. I had a productive and truly enriching two month stint as a summer intern in Germany. I learned a lot and could accomplish quite a lot in the two months.

Dr. Manmohan Dass Goel

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
German Institution: Universität der Bundeswehr München
Subject: Civil Engineering (Structural Dynamics)

It was summer days in India, when I started my journey to the whole new world of nice experiences in my life under the umbrella of DAAD sandwich model PhD scholarship. It was fantastic experience on the very first day in Germany to see the remains of Berlin wall. My first three and half month stay in Berlin for German language course helped me to closely learn, interact and adapted to the professional, structured environment and exceptionally beautiful people of Germany. I met nice people from different cultural background and made friends. After my language course, I moved to another stunning German city, Munich situated in the laps of German Alps. Here, I worked with Prof. Dr. Steffen Marburg research group for one year at University of German Armed Forces. I worked on research topic “Blast response of structures and its mitigation using advanced lightweight materials”. During this stay and travel in and around the Germany, I learned a lot. These experiences of research and travel in one of the most beautiful part of the world have broadened my horizons beyond limits. These experiences have enhanced my potential to achieve my goals and to help others to achieve their career goals. Moreover, I really enjoyed my meals in “Mensa” with my colleagues and discussed several topics during this time. My stay in Germany had certainly proved as a best part of my life and now, as a DAAD young ambassador, I wish to help and steer other people to go to Germany to learn from the best educators and enjoy the unique German culture as well.

Avinash Kalarickal

Indian Institution: Visvesvaraya Technological University
German Institution: Technical University Berlin
Subject: Global Production Engineering

Towards the end of my B.E in Mechanical Engineering, I was in a dilemma whether to become IT professional in a leading Indian corporate where I was campus placed or pursue something which i liked! I choose to do my masters in the field of Production Engineering and consequentially i applied and secured admission in TU-Berlin for M.Sc. in Global Production Engineering. I landed in Berlin on 2nd of October 2008 and my wonderful stay in the country started with "Tag der Deutschen Einheit" on 3rd Oct. The Course, Classmates and the international projects gave me the skill and knowledge to work in International Groups. The flexibility in choosing subjects and the methodology of teaching enabled me to focus on the area I wanted to take up as my career. With this background i started my internship, thesis with Robert Bosch GmbH and furthermore secured a job with the same company in my hometown Bangalore (India). During the stay in Germany at Berlin and later Stuttgart I made some very close friends who supported me to make my stay pleasurable. Travelled quite a lot over weekends and vacations to see the places, but the usual touristic places were last on my itinerary (Some places include, Strasbourg, Basel, Spreewald, Rostock, Darmstadt, Hamburg,Triberg im Schwarzwald... the list goes on). Knowing German language helped me get social with people relatively easier .The Friends, systematic working, transport, fun filled weekends are some of the things that makes me miss Germany!!

Richa Kandpal

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
German Institution: University of Stuttgart
Subject: City Planning

I am Richa Kandpal, an Architect and Urban Planner by profession. I completed my Bachelors from VNIT Nagpur in 2011 and then my Masters from IIT Kharagpur. During the second year of my Masters I got an opportunity to study in Germany for 7 months under the DAAD- IIT Masters Sandwich Scholarship Programme 2012-13. I pursued my Masters Dissertation project at the Department of International Urbanism, Universität Stuttgart. Working with Urban Planners there was a great opportunity to appraise how the Germans nurture their long cultural history and at the same time do not lose sight of the development trends. German cities have constantly adapted to the extreme economic, social and political upheavals and are at the forefront in Sustainable Policymaking throughout the world. Studying in Germany taught me how to be dedicated to my work without compromising on having fun. It also taught me to cook my own food and manage everything and thus made me more adaptable and independent as an individual in life. Trips to the neighbouring European countries widened my perspective to different world cultures and form an experience of a lifetime. This opportunity was truly worthwhile in every sense of the term and I strongly recommend that students should experience, atleast once, what Germany offers to the international candidates. There is a lot to learn... and I would be glad to answer any of your queries in the process of achieving your 'German' dream!

Karan Kapoor

Indian Institution: Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology
German Institution: Technical University Dortmund
Subject: Robotics and Cognitive systems

I am Karan Kapoor. At present I am pursuing my Masters Degree in Automation and Robotics from Technical University Dortmund (Germany). It has been almost an year with my stay in Germany and this one year has brought me a lots of experience(technological aspects), learning (cultural diversities) and fun (knowing people). Being based so centrally in Europe has been great (and affordable) for travelling to other EU countries plus after living here for an adequate amount of time has made me appreciate the different cultural (diverse) aspects and has given me the confidence to explore opportunities.

Susmriti Das Mahapatra

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Jamshedpur
German Institution: Technical University Hamburg Harburg
Subject: Metallurgical and Material engineering

Hello , myself Susmriti from Jharkhand, India. Presently I am in my final year of Engineering at NIT, Jamshedpur. I got through the DAAD WISE program and hence was selected as a summer Research intern at the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg(TUHH) for a 2.5 month Project on Nanoporous Capillary membranes. My stay in Germany was too exciting and wonderful. I got to learn a lot of things apart from concentrating on my Project.The first thing which I liked about this place was the pleasant weather. We planned trips to different countries of Europe on weekends apart from roaming about in Germany and Hamburg.They were simply mindblowing, out of the world.!! .The terribly cold sleepless nights in the Hauftbahnof´s, MacDie 2 euro Meals,the Turkish donors, taking uncountable photographs in every possible pose, surviving without water for long long hours were a different experience altogether. l also loved The DAAD Scholar´s Meet in Berlin. It was a great opportunity to meet all the Scholars from all parts of India, the arrangements were superb! It was really appealing to have Indian Food after a long time at the Amrit Longe and the Indian Embassy. My Professor was a very cool person, never pressurised me for work.Infact , he encouraged me to visit various places, taste the culture and cuisine of Europe. My lab Partner was also a DAAD WISE fellow. He was a very jovial person, it was fun to work with him. At the end, I would like to say, Germany is a beautiful Country ,full of greenery, pollution-free. Everything is perfect here.The ICE and CNL´s, the buses, Trams, etc are just too good. Its a great place for education, to unleash your potentials, to give wings to your imagination and fly high. My days in Germany were indeed the best days of my life, I miss them badly :(

Dr. Farhat Naz

Indian Institution: Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi
German Institution: University of Bonn
Subject: Development Studies

I am a development sociologist by academic training. Presently, am working as a special project social scientist at the International Water Management) Institute (IWMI), New Delhi. I hold PhD in Development Studies from ZEF, Centre for Development Research, University of Bonn. I did my masters and M.Phil in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. Deutschland for centuries has an inimitable strong scientific research tradition and it has produced the best of minds in the scientific community and social science fraternity with strong intellectual firmament. It is a land of BIG IDEAS and I explored this experience during my PhD journey at ZEF, University of Bonn. The kind of facility and access to funds I was provided as a DAAD scholar helped me to widen my scientific world-view. Deutschland, offers high level of professionalism; accessibility to German professors; best facilities to carry out PhD research; a platform to showcase one’s potential; and numerous opportunities to participate in conferences, indisputably enhances the intellectual standing of social scientists. Deutschland lived upto this reputation and much more. At the personal front it helped me to become a disciplined and thorough-professional with sound work ethics. I also learned a beautiful language i.e. Deutsch, which is rich in tradition and whole-heartedly inclusive. It’s a fertile ground which bridges the gap between theory and praxis and was an experience worth living, which kindled the spark for research inquiry and critical query!

Nishant Rai

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
German Institution: Technical University Dresden
Subject: Product Design, Architecture

Three years ago I started listening to songs of Rammstein (German Metal Band) as I was obsessed by German music, culture and language since my childhood. I extracted the lyrics, translated and then tried making sense out of it. This unwitting activity turned out to be one of the best things I did in my life. A year later, when I was studying Master of Design at IIT Kanpur, I got an opportunity to do a part of my design thesis at TU Dresden in Germany. While studying at TU Dresden, I took a number of enriching courses in Architecture, Design and German language. In my free time, I got an opportunity to participate in a music group, travel across Germany, taught English to my flat mates, did a lot of Couch Surfing and also visited important cities in Europe. Overall, it was a productive and fantastic year: I learned a new language, experienced a foreign culture, met people from across the globe, made really good friends, ate some really good food and built some really good contacts back in Germany. The experience of studying and living in an intellectual, punctual and passionate learning environment has undoubtedly enriched me as a student and as a person. I would encourage anyone with a curious and adventurous mind to explore the remarkable opportunities that Germany offers for study, research and travel.

Shreya Sah

Indian Institution: National Institute of Technology Rourkela
German Institution: University of Oldenburg
Subject: Chemical Engineering

Hello, I am Shreya Sah, a final year undergraduate student of Chemical Engineering Department in NIT Rourkela. I was selected for DAAD WISE scholarship (2013) for research internship under Prof. Dr. Thorsten Klüner of Theoretical Chemistry Department of Carl von Ossietzky Universität, Oldenburg. I still remember my first day in Deutschland; It was a bright sunny evening with little cold breeze flowing outside the Bremen Hbf. Hendrik Spyker, a master student came to receive me. He offered me water and his phone so that I can contact my family. He was a very polite, helpful & talkative :) person. Next day, Mr. Klüner introduced me to everyone in lab. I met Marcel, Wilker, Kajari and many more. All were so welcoming and good. The whole working area was a computerized laboratory and I was allotted a PC with all the necessary software’s installed. I must say, Germans are very friendly, dedicated, and punctual and always ready to help type people. They even greet strangers with smile. The whole experience was so fascinating. Late sunset after 10 pm, frequent temperature change, cooking, barbecue, 2€ burger in McD, chocolates, fast internet connection, pollution free city, shopping malls, exploring new places, making new friends, fast trains in Europe, boat rides, cycling, and so many cherishable moments that I can never forget. DAAD not only gave me my first flight trip & foreign trip but also an unforgettable 70 days of my life. I just want to thank DAAD for giving me this life changing opportunity.

Piyush Sharma

Indian Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Patna
German Institution: RWTH Aachen
Subject: Electronics Engineering

Hallo! My name is Piyush Sharma and I am currently in my senior year at Deptt. of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Patna. I was born and brought up in pinkcity Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. This summer I was fortunate to get a chance to do a 2 months 20 days internship in RWTH Aachen University, Germany through WISE programme. Well this internship not only helped me in gaining an expertise in technical side of my field but also taught me many things about the people living in Germany. They taught me perfection, patience and dedication. The university provided me with the latest tools and guidance required to carry out my research. The professors were so kind and generous to help me anytime. I loved to work in my laboratory with the other international students. A euro trip was the other face of my experience. It was full of adventures and excitements. DAAD meet in Berlin was the best meet I have ever had in my life. It was full of knowledge, fun and enjoyment. In all, I fell in love with Germany and its people, culture, and obviously food! My experience in Germany was truly everything I could have dreamed of. I am very excited and honored to be a DAAD young ambassador as it would make me help other students in creating their own memorable experience by showing them the right directions to reach German universities. I would be happy to answer any questions about my experiences! Tschüss.

Ravi Kant Tripathi

Indian Institution: National Law University Lucknow
German Institution: HWR Berlin/ University of Kassel
Subject: Labour Policies and Globalisation

I am Ravi Kant Tripathi, a Law graduate from the National Law University at Lucknow (India). After completing my Law school, I decided to further pursue my Master studies in Germany. I had the opportunity of completing my Master’s degree from two German institutions and undertook courses in economic policy making, Law of the ILO and Globalisation. My stay in Germany was supported by ICDD, University of Kassel that provided me with full scholarship support. The programme allowed me to take a closer look at the German economic model and develop contacts with the European trade union movement. I was impressed with the quality of academic instruction and the faculty guidance in applying innovative research methods. I also participated with a local think tank in developing a discussion forum on Green economy. I used my visit to travel across Germany(thanks to the cheap carpooling options), read more about the German writers and fulfilling my childhood dream of reciting few words from Robert Frost’s immortal poem while standing on top of a hill in Black forest. I will always remember the amazing experience we had during the Berlin’s long night of museum and my visits to the Reichstag. I learnt that Germany and India enjoys mutual respect for each other's culture and share many common values. The two countries should cooperate further to build a better future for our world.