Young Ambassadors


Batch 2014-15

Anmol Kumar Gupta

Internship - Metallurgical & Materials Engineering
University of Stuttgart

I was among the few fortunate students who got selected for the DAAD-WISE scholarship for a summer internship at University of Stuttgart. My time in Deutschland was an immensely memorable one. Not only was my project really very interesting, the entire experience of working in an international setting known worldwide to be extremely professional, organized and punctuality driven at every step, the 3- month stay in Germany was far more enriching personally than professionally. However, Germany did give me innumerous opportunities to party harder over the weekends. Every other weekend I found myself exploring the realms of different countries, trying their cuisines, exploring the unknown and enjoying the great history each place has kept intact till date. Furthermore, if this was not enough, the Erasmus community at the University made my living highly invigorating and culturally informing.
Kudos to Deutschland for being a land of opportunities and exhilaration. If you have the opportunities and exhilaration. Ciao. Danke Schön!


Anusheema Chakraborty

Research Stay - Environmental Studies
RWTH Aachen University, University of Freiburg

A year back, I had the opportunity for my first trip abroad, and I was terrified. But did I enjoy it? I loved every bit of it! And I went on going there again. I consider myself fortunate enough to have gotten that opportunity twice. I am Anusheema Chakraborty, and I am currently pursuing my doctoral degree at TERI University, New Delhi, India. Broadly speaking, my research interests include human-environment interactions and their implications on terrestrial ecosystems. My doctoral research is an attempt to understand the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystem in the central Himalayan landscape and to explore the inter-linkages of its effects on forest-based livelihoods of local communities. I am particularly interested in using remote sensing and GIS to address the frontier issues of climate change and related challenges. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, I had the liberty to explore various research avenues in Germany. My first trip was a two-week program, the IGCS Summer School at RWTH Aachen University, jointly coordinated by IIT-Madras. My second trip was a three-month student exchange programme at University of Freiburg, under the DAAD-sponsored project ‘Land-use related biodiversity in India’ with a MoU with TERI University. I am an ecologist and I love to travel, and travelling to Germany was indeed, a wonderful experience for me. With well-equipped research institutions and great diversity of research fields, Germany is one of the best places to achieve the highest quality of education. And with the number of scholarships and fellowships available, studying in Germany cannot be made any easier. I strongly believe that living in a new country requires some amount self-confidence and does involve certain challenges and as a DAAD Young Ambassador, I’d be happy to help get people started in their studying experience in Germany!


Arun Somadathan

Master Degree - Business Consulting
Hochschule Furtwangen

After completing 2 semesters at University, my third semester was a Thesis work at Hitachi Data Systems in Frankfurt. From the teaching method and the infrastructure that the University provided, I was able to improve my knowledge base and build a strong know how of Business concepts. A main reason was because the curriculum was a balance of lectures, team projects and self-study assignments.
The amount of support and guidance I received from my University and Company helped me to identify my potentials and get a clear idea to choose the right job profile. I was amazed by the sense of responsibility my co-workers showed in training and guiding me with my work and life in Germany. I was given the right time and space to get used to the culture and way of life.
Speaking German helped me a lot in networking with people professionally and private social circles. This later helped me in receiving new openings and opportunities.
My experience in short taught me that, as young graduates if we use all opportunities to showcase our skills and proactively build a perfect social circle and language knowledge, opportunities open up easily in Germany.
I look forward to continue my professional career in Germany. And guide all the young budding brains who have a goal of achieving their dreams in Germany.


Abhinav Daalia

Internship - Civil Engineering
TU Hamburg-Harburg

Hello, I am Abhinav Daalia, a final year undergraduate student of Civil Engineering at Delhi Technological University (Formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering), Delhi. My association with DAAD and Germany began when I was selected for DAAD WISE Scholarship Program 2014, which gave me a once in a lifetime opportunity to pursue my research internship in Germany. It was like a dream come true, and the moment I landed in Germany, it was a beginning of a new phase. My professor in the university was a very helpful person. He received me at the airport and took me to the university dorm, where I was supposed to live. The amount of exposure I witnessed here in Germany was phenomenal. Well obviously, the entire experience helped me in brushing up my technical skills but also I learnt some basic skills which are very important as well. I got to know about Germany, made a lot of friends there, learnt cooking, travelled around the Europe, learnt a bit of German and FIFA World Cup during that time was like an icing on the cake and that too witnessing Germany winning the cup. That environment and atmosphere was fantastic. The working environment is almost near to perfect, people are genuine, honest, and punctual and will always be willing to help you out. At last I would say, the whole experience of being in Germany and working there was something that I can never forget and I will always cherish those memories. I would totally recommend and encourage the students to explore the remarkable opportunities offered by Germany in the field of research, technology and travel.


Bhavesh Shrimali

Internship - Civil Engineering
TU Braunschweig

Hi, I am Bhavesh Shrimali, currently a final year undergraduate in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. I spent the summer of 2014 interning at the Institut für Stahlbau at the Technische Universität Braunschweig, as a DAAD-WISE Fellow. I carried out a research project investigating the effects of Eddy Current Dampers in reducing the vibrations in a cable stayed bridges. In the hindsight, I think I was extremely fortunate to get a supportive Professor and an extremely stimulating environment to carry out my research work.
And as they say “Do in Germany as the Germans do”, I used to work hard on the weekdays, particularly towards the start of the week, and relax on the weekends exploring the countryside, biking my way through the vast grasslands and most importantly watching the FIFA world cup matches. The DAAD-Meet in Berlin was an exquisite opportunity to unravel the architectural beauty of the capital of Modern day Germany. One of the most memorable experiences was that of the fan mile- an unparalleled adrenaline rush watching Germany play USA in the FIFA world cup. 
Germany as a country boasts of some of the finest infrastructure and an exemplary environment for Inter-Disciplinary research. A high sense of professional and social security blends it into a perfect workplace for researchers from across the globe.  The amount of dedication that everyone puts into their job and the whole heartedness of Germans to help out the ones in need left me simply spellbound. To sum up my stay in Germany in general and Braunschweig in particular-“It all started as a dream and culminated into some sweet memories, those that shall stay with me for the rest of my life.” It is with great happiness and passion that I recall my tryst with Germany, and its people.  Long Live Deutschland!


Darshana Sreedhar Mini

Research Stay - Cinema Studies
University of Konstanz

My name is Darshana Sreedhar Mini and I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Cinema Studies, School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University. My two month fellowship at the Cluster of Excellence “Cultural Foundation of Social Integration” at the University of Konstanz in 2013 opened up new vistas of experience for me. I was thoroughly impressed by the infrastructure and student-friendly environment of the University. The carefully catalogued book collection in both English and German languages in the library, allowed even International students with minimal German language proficiency to handle it efficiently. Moreover, the provision to scan the books free of charge gave us an opportunity to carefully examine rare book collections as well. The German language classes for International students at the University gave me a foothold to practice and work on my German language skills. I also got an opportunity to discuss my work at the colloquium on Cultural Studies and introduce my area of study to a mixed group of researchers. The Cluster I was associated with promoted multidisciplinary engagements and brought together students working on different areas with a view to building a future oriented system of excellence. I also joined a tandem programme with a German student who wanted to improve his English language skills and was ready to help me with my German lessons .I believe that the spark of interest which it triggered off was so contagious that I decided to pursue my interest in German language by joining Goethe Zentrum after I returned to India. If you have any queries on scholarships and higher education in Germany, please feel free to contact me.


Debkalpa Goswami

Internship - Production Engineering
University of Bremen

I received the prestigious Erasmus Mundus fellowship, under the project cLINK, and got the opportunity to visit the Universität Bremen in Germany. There, I was a guest researcher in the Division of Intelligent Production and Logistics Systems at the BIBA - Bremer Institut für Produktion und Logistik GmbH, for a period of 10 months (Sep 2013 – Jun 2014). I worked in the domain of production scheduling in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. My research was concerned with using genetic programming and discrete event simulation to optimize dispatching rules for complex real-life semiconductor manufacturing scenarios.
The experience was life-changing for me. What really opened my eyes was the fact that even an undergraduate student, such as myself, is allowed a lot of freedom to conduct independent research. I had my own office, as well as access to all advanced facilities at the research institute round the clock and on weekends. On a personal level, I felt that German people are very welcoming, friendly and helpful. Their greatest traits are punctuality, ethics and diligence. I was also fortunate enough to visit many other cities in Germany, and learn a lot about their rich history and culture. This, I feel, has made me a more complete human being.
Given the opportunity in future, I would love to return to Germany for further studies and research, and of course for the bratwurst and kartoffelsalat!


Himanshu Goel

Internship - Aerospace Engineering
DLR German Aerospace Center

The DAAD WISE scholarship gave me an opportunity to work on a three months research project at German Aerospace Center. I worked on Heat Transfer Analysis in combustion chamber of a rocket engine. During these months, I experienced the work ethics of Germans and there is no second thought when people say that Germany is a “land of ideas”. I have never seen such hardworking, humble and modest people in my life.
The welcoming attitude of my supervisor gave me the freedom to enter his cabin any time I needed some help. We worked together, played together, watched football together and even I did not realize when in these 3 months he became Matty from Mr. Groening.
Living in a student Wohnheim, I not only experienced German culture but also made friends from countries like Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Greece and Italy; and exchanged delicious cuisines every Tuesday night. For some people it’s a dream come true, for me it was living my life in 90 days. I am eager to go back to Germany for higher education.


Jatadhari Mishra

Internship - Physics
Heidelberg University

I spent two and half months in Germany from May to July 2014, with the DAAD WISE scholarship. I worked as an intern in an ultra-cold atoms laboratory at the Physikalisches Institut, University of Heidelberg. My first reaction in the university was one of amazement and admiration for the encouraging and efficient work culture. All members of my research group were warm and friendly, open to discussion, and demonstrated passion and experience at their work from which I learned prodigiously. Germany also hosts a great cultural experience for foreign students, especially Indian students. Several German cities have been prime centers of European culture in the past and I was lucky to be in one of such cities. The medieval history, the American connection and the present international student community make Heidelberg very charming. I shared my student apartment, for example, with students from Germany (of course), France, UK, Canada, US, China, Italy, Columbia, Japan, Nepal, etc. The weekend parties were always fun! Germany winning the world cup gave me the chance to participate in some amazing celebrations. Each day during the world cup, the student mess (mensa) prepared cuisines from countries playing that day! I found Germany very safe (even compared to other European counties), the public transport system very convenient, people on the streets always willing to help out, and student discounts literally everywhere. I am a fourth year integrated BS-MS student in IISER Kolkata, and Germany is at the top of the list of places I want to go for PhD after finishing college!


Mustafizur Rohman

Master Degree - Media Informatics
RWTH Aachen University

Flipping through the pages of an auto-magazine every month and reading about the latest German cars made me increasingly enthusiastic about German Engineering as a young teenager. A decade later, when as an Engineering graduate I had to decide about the destination for higher studies, I already knew that Germany was the answer. The moment I set my foot in Germany, I got the answer to the WHY of German Engineering Excellence. What else, other than EXCELLENCE can be the result when every person strives for perfection in every aspect of daily life and carries out all work with utmost dedication. The universities are very well organized, and so are the other aspects of German life; even for persons with limited mobility. Even tough, the public bus services are expected to run precisely on time; it did not discourage the bus driver to make sure that the needs of persons with limited mobility are taken care of. This was something new for me and it made a lasting impression on me. The close co-operation between the industry and the academia is what really makes a difference; and allows students to gain valuable research experience by working part time in research projects (HiWi). The openness and freedom offered by the systems is what drives every student to realize his/her fully potential. I am thankful to the German people and DAAD for providing such awesome opportunities and I would be happy to help enthusiastic young people in realizing their ambition of studying at a German University.


Neelakshi Joshi

Semester Exchange - Urban Planning
University of Stuttgart

I am an architect and urban planner with keen interest in sustainable development. As a master’s student of Urban and Rural Planning from IIT Roorkee, I had the opportunity to partake in the IIT-DAAD Sandwich Model Scholarship 2013-14 for a 7 month exchange program at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.  Academically, I found the research environment to be extremely disciplined yet allowing ample space for individual creativity. Regular well informed suggestions from my guide enhanced my research skills. Living in well planned German cities and visiting several energy efficient sustainable settlements further enthused me on the subject. Learning German language and experimenting with local food helped me connect better with people, who I found to be extremely accommodating and encouraging. I am keen to be this year’s Young Ambassador and share my experience of studying and living in Germany with prospective students and researchers.


Nishant Rai

Semester Exchange - Design
TU Dresden

Four years ago I started listening to songs of Rammstein, a German Metal Band, as I was obsessed by German music, culture and language since my childhood. I extracted the lyrics, translated and then tried making sense out of it. This unwitting activity turned out to be one of the best things I did in my life. A year later, when I was studying Master of Design at IIT Kanpur, I got an opportunity to do a part of my design thesis at TU Dresden in Germany. While studying at TU Dresden, I took a number of enriching courses in Architecture, Design and German language. In my free time, I got an opportunity to participate in a music group, travel across Germany, taught English to my flat mates, did a lot of couch surfing and also visited important cities in Europe. Overall, it was a productive and fantastic year: I learned a new language, experienced a foreign culture, met people from across the globe, made really good friends, ate some really good food and built some really good contacts back in Germany. The experience of studying and living in an intellectual, punctual and passionate learning environment has undoubtedly enriched me as a student and as a person. I would encourage anyone with a curious and adventurous mind to explore the remarkable opportunities that Germany offers for study, research and travel.


Pradosh Pritam Dash

Internship - Mechanical Engineering
University of Magdeburg

The first time I touched down in Germany, it was love at first sight. It seems like it was only yesterday that I walked off the plane at Frankfurt Airport with curiosity in mind and butterflies in my stomach. But the warm and cordial welcome I received at Magdeburg immediately made me feel right at home. I was assigned a working internship for a period of 10 weeks at the institute of ergonomics, manufacturing systems and automation at Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg. I was involved in the development and validation of the international standard IEC 62714 "Engineering data exchange format for use in industrial automation systems engineering-AutomationML”. During the stay I observed that in Germany Institutional research and industrial implementation go hand in hand. Collaboration between academia and industry brings in excellent research opportunities in a very diverse way. As I explored more and more of Germany I witnessed how Centuries of innovation woven into the fabric of its rich and diverse culture has laid the foundation of this democratic economic giant. Watching FIFA world cup 2014 with my German colleagues and celebrating each victory in their own unique way were the next most enjoyable things after my work. I travelled a lot. Romantic chalk cliffs of Rügen Island, breath taking beauty of the Bavarian Alps and magnificent Rhine land are some landscapes which are still vibrant in my eyes. As a young Ambassador I wish to help you get those precious experiences which you will cherish for lifetime.


Pranav Santosh Mundada

Internship - Physics
TU Munich

Hi! I am Pranav, a senior undergrad majoring in Physics at Indian Institute of Science. Right from my school years, I have been fascinated by the fundamental description of our universe. Even a science enthusiast will agree that detection of dark matter particles is an important hurdle towards better understanding of our universe. It doesn't get any better than to be funded by DAAD to work on detectors used for direct detection of dark matter particles in Munich. Even though I was a rookie at experimental physics, I was given access to the state-of-art equipment in a lab constructed deep inside a hillock. My supervisor was very encouraging and allowed me to credit a course on Astroparticle Physics, thus making me capable of making an informed comparison of Indian and German coursework. I was also lucky to get a night shift in operating the particle accelerator facility at TUM along with another colleague.

My weekdays were filled with work only to be punctuated by the weekend excursions to various scenic and historical places not only throughout Germany but in Amsterdam and some parts of Austria as well. I had a gala time during the celebrations of the FIFA 2014 world cup victory by Germany. The end of my stay was marked by the exclusive tour of the BMW manufacturing plant in Munich. I definitely have undergone a holistic development in Germany and  would recommend everyone to work in Germany,at least for a short time, if you want a proper global exposure.


Prateek Rajeev Hundekar

Internship - Ceramic Engineering
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Stuttgart

Hi! This is Prateek Hundekar, an engineering student from IIT (BHU) Varanasi. Apart from being a science enthusiast, I am extremely passionate about Football, Music, Design and Food! I was at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems Stuttgart for my Summer Internship under the Guidance of Prof. Gisela Schutz and Dr. Eberhard Goering. The working environment at the institute was probably one of the warmest with every colleague being so friendly and always lent a helping hand without second thoughts. I was actually very surprised when the entire department had lunch together at the same time every day! I completed my summer project on 'Anisotropic Behavior of Magnetic Junctions' and the facilities I used were definitely the best that probably exist in the present.
Being allowed to operate all the machines myself even when i was making mistakes boosted my confidence and encouraged me to go ahead with my operations! The encouragement provided by my colleagues cannot be expressed in mere words. With a majority of the people speaking German all the time, I did put effort into learning bits of German and use it whenever I could and this has been a completely different learning experience for me.
With the World Cup going on during the summer and Deutschland being crowned champions, I'm sure Germany was the best place to be with all the on-going celebrations. Germany boasted numerous 'Summer Festivals' with a great variety of Art, Music and Food, and I consider that I've visited paradise!


Pratyush Mahapatra

Internship - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

I am a student pursuing Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics from BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus. Being a recipient of the DAAD-WISE scholarship, I got the opportunity to pursue an internship at the Chair for Embedded Systems Group at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology where I was able to work on Computer Architecture. My project was based on Critical Path Estimation considering Aging Effects and Masking Analysis. My professor allowed me to experiment with my project, come up with different ideas and also gave me the opportunity to implement them.
I had gone to Germany at the best possible time with the World Cup going on and I was the envy of all my friends. The memories from watching a German match at the Berlin Fan Mile and the celebrations after the German World Cup win will stay with me for a long time. Being a history enthusiast, Berlin was paradise for me and I pinched myself multiple times to remind myself that this is all for real and not just a dream. I ended up promising myself that I shall be back very soon to this amazing country.


Rajaraman Padmanabhan

Internship - Electrical & Electronics Engineering
TU Chemnitz

Technology and innovation go hand in hand, and I am sure one would attribute most of the advancement in Engineering and modern sciences to originate from Germany, the land of ideas. Hence, during my third year, I had decided to apply for a research internship in Germany to further complement my amassed theoretical knowledge with the required practical experience. I am currently in my final year of my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli.
I did my internship in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information technology at the Technische Universitӓt Chemnitz, one of the largest international universities in Germany. I was fortunate to have been selected for a scholarship by the DAAD WISE Program.  I worked on the topic “Time and Frequency Domain Reflectometry for location of faults in transmission lines” where I also implemented a modified differential evolution algorithm for fault location and network reconstruction. The university environment was amazing, and the professors and students alike are very accommodative of foreign nationals. The independence given to you in your work and the facilities offered at the university are really helpful and it gives you scope for originality and innovation. I personally made a lot of friends and useful contacts in my tenure as an intern. Their famed work culture and dedication are admirable, and they really draw a fine line between professionalism and recreation. The entire experience was excellent and I was able to work with state-of-the-art research facilities and got a taste of the German culture. Germany is a multifaceted country- besides its strong academic front, its rich history, glorious culture and natural beauty are truly breathtaking and leaves you wanting to see more. The birthplace of geniuses like Bach and Einstein and the place of so many milestones in history, it is truly a fantastic destination for higher studies and a center for global exposure, as it is largely an internationalized country.


Rishab Kalra

Internship - Computer Science
Leibniz University Hannover

I am a final year undergraduate student of Computer Science at BITS Pilani, Pilani campus. I was selected for the prestigious DAAD WISE program through which I got the opportunity to pursue my Summer Internship at Leibniz University of Hannover in the field of Image Processing and Signal Processing. The stay in Germany was a memorable and unforgettable experience. I had the freedom to put my own ideas and work independently on my project. My guide was really helpful and guided me throughout my project. I was really impressed by state of the art technologies and the excellent research facilities. Football flows through the blood of Germans, and being a football enthusiast, it was a great experience to be a part of the Germany World Cup win. Because of Germany’s central location in Europe, I also got a chance to travel to other countries in Europe in bullet trains cruising at 250 Kmph. Overall my stay in Germany was perfect and I would recommend other students to utilize these several opportunities Germany offers for International students.


Rohini Chawla

Master Degree - Biotechnology
University of Bonn

During my final year of under graduation studies in Biotechnology, it was extremely crucial for me to decide where and which university to study for my Masters which could help me for my future career. After an extensive research, I decided to go to Germany for its distinguished infrastructure and well equipped research facilities. I was enrolled at University of Bonn for my master’s program. Beautiful and vibrant, Bonn had lot to offer with its intensive course work and latest updates in Life Science. My professors at the university were highly enthusiastic and believed in inculcating critical thinking and motivating their students. With research fellowship from Plant Chemetics, I further did my internship and Master Thesis dissertation at prestigious Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research. My research area focused on study of proteases through Activity-based-Protein Profiling and investigating the Pseudomonas derived Effectors for being inhibitors of Plant Enzymes. Working at MPI helped me to have regular scientific discussions along with top-notch researchers. The extensive research, analysis and documentation resulted in significant accomplishments in organization, independence, creativity and self-discipline. Moreover; my collaboration with cross-cultural colleagues and senior scientists helped to develop strong interpersonal relations and cross cultural communication skills. Apart from getting a boost for my research career, I also got an opportunity to learn German which is an additional asset. I enjoyed participating in annual Carnival festival; admire German biodiversity, the majestic Alps, fairy tale castles, art, music, architecture and travel across Europe. With Asian shops offering Indian spices and festivals like Open Air Colour festival which is much similar to Holi festival in India, I never felt I was away from home.  Furthermore, with affordable health insurance and accommodation, free travel for students within a state, extremely good transport facilities, punctuality and professionalism, Germany certainly offered a lifetime experience.


Rohit Singh Sahani

Semester Exchange - Management
University of Cologne

I did my B Tech in Electrical Power Engineering from IIT Delhi. Post that, I worked with Inductis, an Analytics Consulting firm for a year. I then completed my Post Graduate Diploma in Management from IIM Ahmedabad. I have a keen interest in Dramatics and have performed many Stage Plays and Street Plays over last 7 years.
During my PGDM, I went on my student exchange to University of Cologne, Germany. From learning German language to celebrating Oktoberfest and from visiting Frankfurt Auto show to getting glimpse of dream-like Neuschwanstein Castle among clouds, my experience in Germany was truly amazing. Germany provided me lessons in life that went far beyond the classroom and would stay for my life.
One of the aspects that I personally like about Germany is the level of planning and dedication that people put in whatever they do. Everything is conducted in a very organized manner, making the learning very easy and effective. Another aspect worth admiration is the multicultural environment in most German universities that provides exposure to a wide spectrum of cultures and value systems enabling holistic learning.
Germany has so much more to it than just academics. Be it sports, food, festivals, shopping, travel or anything else; Germany has something in store to amaze everybody.


Sreya Ghosh

Internship - Biotechnology
Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research Cologne

I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Biotechnology at NIT Durgapur. My eagerness to explore the world of academia led me to carry out a number of internships, in India and abroad. In Germany, I had the fantastic opportunity to undertake a summer project at The Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne. My stay was funded by the DAAD WISE 2014 Program, and lasted a little over two months. The project was on investigating the regulation of a gene responsible for flowering in the model plant, Arabidopsis thaliana. I was entrusted to work independently, and the entire lab often came forward to help and guide me whenever I needed advice due to my inexperience in the plant sciences. The experience greatly contributed to my growth as a researcher, and now I am even more determined to pursue doctoral studies after I complete my degree. Contrary to the popular belief that most people hold about Germany being a destination for studying Engineering, I found ample scope and opportunity in Germany for Biologists. It’s a beautiful country to explore and the people are very considerate and honest. Coming from a completely different culture, I was surprised to observe how Germans around me would often try their best to accommodate my expectations instead of trying to get me to conform to theirs. Overall, the experience has been intellectually and culturally enriching, and I highly recommend it.


Srikrishna Bhogaraju

Master Degree - Automotive Engineering
Fachhochschule Ingolstadt

Fast cars, state of the art technology, innovation, extreme passion towards any and every work assigned and punctuality that would make even my cuckoo clock go hiding.... Germany has never failed to excite me in every way and has only pushed me to work harder and excel with the sole purpose if achieving engineering excellence.
My experience in Germany has truly been an enriching one, a huge learning experience to which I owe every bit of what I am in my professional life today and I wish to share these experiences with students and individuals alike who wish to pursue their dream of studying and living in Germany.
Of course the biggest thrill of all are the no speed limit autobahns and topping a 250kmph on the speedo in an AUDI S 7.


Vignesh Ramani

Master Degree - Automation and Robotics
TU Dortmund

Germany stands best in its class of precision, punctuality, education, technology, living standards and lots more.  As a Bachelors student in Mechanical Engineering, I always dreamt of pursuing my Masters in Germany. True to this, I stepped into this wonderland on October 2, 2012. I am currently doing my Masters in Automation and Robotics at TU Dortmund. Being a middle class student from India, I find it very comfortable to study in Germany because there are no tuition fees and moreover the students are allowed to do part time jobs like student assistantships to support their livings. This could also build up their career profile and management skills. The smart methods of teachings like flipped classroom, oral and open book exams, flash card preparations, industrial visits, research oriented assignments etc. attract students all over the globe. The friendly Germans and the peaceful environment provide students a mental ill free state of mind. Indian students' communities are wide spread in German universities and towns. So, Indian students can find support to handle their initial works and could easily get along with their course of living. Food for international students from India is never a problem because of the wide spread Asian markets. Thus, as a DAAD Young Ambassador, I strongly recommend students to utilize the various opportunities offered by Germany to enrich their learning experience.


Yash Girish Shah

Internship - Mechanical Engineering
University of Duisburg-Essen

My name is Yash Shah and I am currently pursuing my final year B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology Ropar. I had the opportunity to spend two months in Germany as a DAAD WISE 2014 scholar at the University of Duisburg-Essen. My project focused on the development of a sub-routine for fluid simulation using Volume of Fluids technique. I was extremely cautious before going to Germany because I didn't speak German. But all my worries were gone as soon as I reached Germany because almost all the people in Germany spoke some English. I was impressed by the systematic and organized way of being of the people in Germany. I truly admire the work culture in Germany. The group worked very efficiently and helped me a lot.
During my two months stay in Germany, I made a lot of amazing friends and traveled to some nice places in Europe. I enjoyed the food in Germany and learned a lot about the German language and culture. Working in Germany was a life changing experience for me and I look forward to going to Germany for my future studies.