Young Ambassadors


Batch 2015-16

Abhishek Debroy

Internship - Electronics & Communication
Max-Born-Institute Berlin

It was truly a joyous moment for me when I was selected to pursue my internship in Germany through DAAD WISE program in the year 2012. I got an opportunity to work in the field of Non Linear Optics at Max Born Institute, Berlin. Max Born Institute is definitely one of the leading institutes for research in the field of Non Linear mechanisms observed due to Light-matter interaction. I had a good experience throughout my internship as my professor and other guides helped me in every way possible. This is something you will feel in Germany that your professors will be like your second parents. They will not only guide you in your academics but will also extend every possible support to make sure you have a comfortable & enjoyable time in Germany. During my internship, I had access to one of the best research facilities in the world. The guidance of my professor and the ample research facilities helped me in publishing my paper at an international conference held at Caregese, France later that year. Apart from the academic point of view, Germany will amaze you with its rich culture, vibrant history and ethnic traditions. I completely fell in love with Berlin, a city that is clean, has a great transportation system and a vibrant atmosphere all around. A walk around the city will give you a sense of joy. The city has a friendly atmosphere and also is of great historical significance which i explored throughout my stay of three months. The country definitely helps you to be more efficient and adaptive in life. It teaches you a lot. Germany is not just the Land of Ideas, It is also the Land of Excellence. Once to Germany, you create a bond with the country, the people and the culture that strives forever.


Anjankumar Gopishetty

Master Degree - Material Science
University of Augsburg

I am currently a master student of Material Sciences and Engineering at the University of Augsburg, Germany. The experience in Germany has been worth remembering, right from the day I landed here till present, Germany has been very kind and accommodating. It has a very peculiar culture which is unique to itself, especially Bavaria, where people are very welcoming to foreigners. Coming from Goa, I find this place exactly as my own. The climate, people, transport, education, and infrastructure - everything is as perfect as it can be. I remember one particular instant which happened on the very first day of my arrival. The wheels of both my bags broke during transit. While I was just cursing my fate and wondering how to carry the bags all the way to Augsburg, to my surprise, I was helped by Germans at every point in carrying the two bags weighing around 30 kg each. On arriving at my destination I realized that I had carried my bags hardly for 5 minutes in a journey that spanned 70 minutes!!


Anmol Ramraika

Internship - Electronics & Communication
Technische Universität Dresden

Hallo! I am Anmol Ramraika, currently a final year undergraduate student at IIT Guwahati, majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I completed a three month long research internship at CVLD, TU Dresden in the field of computer vision. Germany has etched long life memories and it has given me an experience which made me a better person. From learning German to working on an exciting research project to travelling across Europe, all of it has been fantastic. The weather is so good that it makes you go out of the room every morning and explore the place. Germany felt like a home away from home and I found the culture and lifestyle so good that in no time I settled into it. Academically, it was a very fulfilling experience to work on an interesting project and see the results improve gradually. The academic set up is great and people are passionate about their work. I had freedom to choose my project and work timings. I always believe that practical work is the best and fastest way to master any field, and this internship provided me the opportunity for practical work. I will always treasure this experience.


Ilika Hajela

Semester Exchange – Management
Technische Hochschule Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm

I was selected from my college for a semester exchange program in Nuremberg to study international business for 6 months. This indeed has to be one of the best decisions I made. Deutschland is a great place to study, to gain experience, make new friends and have fun. The people here are one of the friendliest people and the cities and towns are like a fairytale. I had an enjoyable stay here. This experience helped me transform into a more independent and wiser person and I would be immensely interested to share my experience with others.


Krittika Saha

Internship - Printing Technology
Technische Universität Chemnitz

I am Krittika Saha, a final year Bachelor student of Printing Engineering at Jadavpur University. This summer I had the opportunity of pursuing my internship at TU Chemnitz in Germany as a DAAD WISE scholar. My project was based on printed electronics, and I was assigned to design and integrate a smart package with printed circuits. Germany being the pioneer of printing engineering provides an excellent opportunity in this field. Germany was the first to print batteries and this is now being utilised in order to print electronics for various applications like luxury packaging, anti-counterfeit measures, and printed solar cells. I was in Germany for two months and the sheer precision and perfection they employ in their approaches is commendable. Germans work with great enthusiasm and discipline. I would often find my professors appearing for work early in the morning and not leave till official closing time. Convenience and sustainability are blended into their lifestyles. I once saw a handicapped man unable to move with the wheelchair to get onto the bus, and the driver descended from his seat, pushed him inside himself and then drove off again. The transport network is well planned and the trams, buses and trains are always on schedule, which can be kept track of, using a mobile app.  From separate recycling bins for different grades of wastes, to hydraulics used to lower buses for the elderly, every incredible detail point to how well-thought and far sighted their planning is. With solar cells and wind mills dotting their landscape, Germany has taken great measures to reduce consumption of conventional energy, hereby reducing pollution. No wonder, the skies are so clear and the air so clean. After a hard day of work, when you find yourself leading such an exciting lifestyle, you feel that your hard work has paid off. The labs provide state of the art infrastructure that gives immense pleasure to work in. My internship in Germany has made me determined to pursue higher studies in my field and as a Young Ambassador I would like to guide and inspire young minds to utilise the opportunities Germany has to offer in the field of research.


Madhuri Sathyanarayana Rao

Master Degree - Life Sciences
University of Jena

September 2013 marked the beginning of many firsts in my life – the first flight, the first stay away from home, the first leap into an amazing cultural land - Germany. Hallo! I am Madhuri, a final year Masters student in Molecular Life Sciences. Germany has always been portrayed as a land of automobiles and technology. From my stay here, I have come to believe it as a hub of all fields-be it engineering, arts or biology. Truly ‘multi-kulti’, I fell in love with the natural beauty, helpful citizens, and the much respected work culture. Independence, discipline and integrity in work and as a person are the qualities one catches on while living here. Passion to learn never goes unnoticed here. I strongly recommend every student to pursue studies in Germany, as apart from academic learning, living in this country teaches you so much more every single day, shaping you as an individual ready to face any kind of challenge. I had the pleasure of working in different labs, in different work cultures and with people from all over the world. This experience has enriched me and broadened my outlook on life. I consider Germany my second home away from home, as I have made friends for life, and could easily adapt to the culture. As a Young Ambassador, I will strongly support and mentor every student who wishes to pursue studies in Germany and experience what will truly be a cherishable journey for life.


Mohit Singhala

Semester Exchange - Mechanical Engineering
Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

I am pursuing my bachelor studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering at PSG College of Technology. In 2014, I got the opportunity to spend one semester at Hochschule Esslingen for the International Automotive Engineering Program on the Baden-Württemberg Stipendium. My German experience was equal parts astonishing and thought provoking. I was exposed to a completely different atmosphere where students from different parts of the world came together. Everything in Germany was in its right place and everything found a place. The academic process exceeded my expectations. There was a sense of friendliness accompanied by a strong focus on learning which created room for intellectual discussions. The research atmosphere in Europe had always intrigued me and I picked up a few essentials regarding project planning and literature reviews. The transfer of knowledge was not limited to the classroom, interacting with other international students completely changed my opinion on how people perceive things. The international office and faculty organized various excursions which stretched beyond the curriculum. I had a taste of everything from the panoramic scenes to the industry and beyond. Somewhere between weekend roadtrips and spontaneous travel plans, I experienced a unique mixture of culture, traditions and history that will stay with me forever.


Dr. Namratha Jagdish

Master – Medicine
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Hi everyone, practical, punctual, purposeful, precise and polite. If I were to describe Germany and the Germans, that is what I would say. My experience as a doctor has been ever so enriching and fruitful. Medical post graduate education in Germany is not the road taken by many. It is rather few who choose to tread on this adventurous journey. Learning the language well is the key. Apart from good clinical and theoretical know how, there are a whole lot of cultural intricacies to which one has to get oriented to as a doctor. As a resident, post-graduation training is on the job and for a period of 5 years. The entire time is spent in various hospitals under a department of our choice with vast opportunities to learn.  It’s a whole new world out here waiting to be explored. I am more than excited to be a part of the process to help young minds take this path less travelled by.  Two roads diverged in the wood, and I took the one less travelled by.  And that has made all the difference.  ...lines from a Poem "The road not taken” by Robert Frost.


Nandita Suri

Master Degree - Medical Engineering
Fachhochschule Lübeck

My name is Nandita Suri and I am currently pursuing my Diploma in the field of Clinical Research in Delhi. I had the opportunity to spend three years as Master student at Biomedical Engineering Department in the University of Luebeck, Germany. The German universities are well known for their academic excellence in science and engineering education. The labs are equipped with state of the art technology. The professors are   always ready to clear any doubts and solve any problem one encounters academically and otherwise. I worked on brain tumours for nearly 1.5 years in the lab during which my professor and friends helped me to understand the techniques in the project. The people of Germany are very warm and cheerful, I had a great time with my friends, we used to cook together and had lots of fun. I had the opportunity to try a variety of cuisines in the Mensa (mess) at the University and a chance to mingle with students of different nationalities. I also had the opportunity to visit several places in Europe. I served as International Mentor for 1 year during my stay in Germany which gave me the opportunity to interact with students around the world and assist them upon arrival in Germany. Overall it was a memorable experience for me which I will cherish forever.


Neelakshi Joshi

Semester Exchange - Urban Planning
University of Stuttgart

I am an architect and urban planner with keen interest in sustainable development. As a master’s student of Urban and Rural Planning from IIT Roorkee, I had the opportunity to partake in the IIT-DAAD Sandwich Model Scholarship 2013-14 for a 7 month exchange program at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.  Academically, I found the research environment to be extremely disciplined yet allowing ample space for individual creativity. Regular well informed suggestions from my guide enhanced my research skills. Living in well planned German cities and visiting several energy efficient sustainable settlements further enthused me on the subject. Learning German language and experimenting with local food helped me connect better with people, who I found to be extremely accommodating and encouraging. I am keen to be this year’s Young Ambassador and share my experience of studying and living in Germany with prospective students and researchers.


Nihal Bernard Dsouza

Master Degree – Law
Saarland University

My name is Nihal D’Souza and I study for the BCL at the Faculty of Law, Oxford University. Here I also serve Associate Editor of the Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal and Associate Editor of the Indian Journal of Law and Public Policy. I am passionate about environmental protection and have been involved as a student switch off ambassador with the NUS UK, an initiative to save energy within the University. My previous education includes a Master of Laws from Europa Institut, Germany, and an LLB degree from Bangalore University. In my free time I play for the Oxford University Varsity Chess team-second league. Studying in Germany as part of the Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding - Dr. Angela Merkel Scholarship, was an amazing experience. Apart from meeting Chancellor Merkel and other important policy makers from Germany and India, the most exciting experience was being a part of the Europa-Institut, Saarbrücken. The thing I like best about the institute was the diverse group of classmates and the friendly and encouraging administration. Also the trips to European institutions, top notch libraries and excellent course faculty certainly made it a worthwhile experience.


Nikesh Bansal

Internship - Electronics & Communication
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Hello, I am Nikesh Bansal, currently a final year undergraduate student in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh. I got the opportunity to spend amazing six months working on ultrasound transducers compensation and optimization at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology from January to July 2015. I learned and enjoyed a lot during my stay in Karlsruhe. I was able to enjoy my work so much due to the helpful and cooperative nature of my supervisor and the entire group. I travelled around Europe and visited some amazing places. Also I learnt a bit of German, cooking and a lot of other fun activities. It was life changing for me to manage six months on my own. I would like to continue my higher studies in Germany as well. And also inspire others by sharing my experience for the same.


Nishant Rai

Semester Exchange – Design
Technische Universität Dresden

Four years ago I started listening to songs of Rammstein, a German Metal Band, as I was obsessed by German music, culture and language since my childhood. I extracted the lyrics, translated and then tried making sense out of it. This unwitting activity turned out to be one of the best things I did in my life. A year later, when I was studying Master of Design at IIT Kanpur, I got an opportunity to do a part of my design thesis at TU Dresden in Germany. While studying at TU Dresden, I took a number of enriching courses in Architecture, Design and German language. In my free time, I got an opportunity to participate in a music group, travel across Germany, taught English to my flat mates, did a lot of couch surfing and also visited important cities in Europe. Overall, it was a productive and fantastic year: I learned a new language, experienced a foreign culture, met people from across the globe, made really good friends, ate some really good food and built some really good contacts back in Germany. The experience of studying and living in an intellectual, punctual and passionate learning environment has undoubtedly enriched me as a student and as a person. I would encourage anyone with a curious and adventurous mind to explore the remarkable opportunities that Germany offers for study, research and travel.


Nishchhal Verma

Internship – Physics
Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy

I am a fourth year undergraduate Physics major student at IISER Kolkata. Through DAAD WISE I was given a chance to visit Deutschland for a short term summer internship. A visit to the nation known historically for its contributions to Physics - I couldn't have asked for more. My internship was at Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, Bonn, where I worked on large scale orientations of quasar polarization vectors. The research atmosphere was, in one word, explosive. MPIs are known worldwide for their publications and huge impact factors – now at least I know why and how. Post-arrival, there were a few fluctuations in the beginning but gradually we reached a steady state. Germans love to live by rules. Everything is systematic, organized and safe though a bit expensive. Its central location in mainland Europe gives wings to the traveller inside you. There are castles, valleys, treks and beautiful cities. Add to that the backpacker hostel network – providing cheap accommodation to students – why will you ever stay in your room in the weekend? My experience with Germans involved friendship, "prost“, barbeque and tequila sunrise. The people I met were not just of German descent, but of Indian, French, African, Mongolian – all sorts, and they were all Germans. Later when I found out that Germany is the second most popular migration destination in the world – I was not surprised. Germany is indeed a great place to be.


Dr. Partha Prasad Dabke

Internship – Medicine
Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, Hannover Medical School

I am Dr. Partha Dabke, an Intern at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University, Karnataka, originally from Pune. My area of interest is “Inborn Errors of Metabolism” which involves the specialties of pediatrics and biochemistry together. As a result of the continuous support from the college and university, and especially my guide, Prof. Pragna Rao, I was awarded the short term studentship from the Indian Council of Medical Research for three consecutive years. My ultimate aim, by pursuing a “Clinician Scientist” career is to try to establish a world class level, but affordable healthcare system in India and promote research in India among medical students with extensive international collaborations with countries like Germany.  Experience in Germany for me has been through four visits to the country, out of which three were in professional capacity. Apart from attending the Nobel Laureate Meeting in Germany in 2014 through fellowships awarded by the DST and DFG, I have had the opportunity of working in Hannover Medical School and LMU, Munich for 1 month and 3 months respectively. My experience in Germany has been great, both in terms of Science and the social life. Knowing the language helped me to connect well with friends and colleagues on a professional and a personal level. Every day in Germany, in the hospital or in the lab has been a new learning experience for me, and I am looking forward to working with the DAAD to continue this relationship with Germany and help other students to experience it as well.


Priyanka Sharma

Internship – Metallurgy
University of Stuttgart

I am Priyanka Sharma, an undergraduate student of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur. I was among the few fortunate students who got selected for the DAAD WISE scholarship program. This program gave me an opportunity to work and research in the University of Stuttgart. Interestingly enough, I did research on the electrochemical properties of tin as anode material for lithium ion batteries. Working in an international setting and world class research laboratories is nothing less than a dream come true. Not only did I learn a lot from my internship, I travelled more than I expected, met a lot of great friends, and experienced new culture. Germany has a touch of everything: the majestic Alps, glorious miles of river and forest, fairy tale castles. Its cities are filled with art treasures as well as fine dining and irresistible shops. One thing which I liked the most about Germany was the women safety. It was perfectly fine for me to return to my accommodation even after mid night. The German people are warm, inviting, inclusive, thoughtful and generous! Whether it’s in the small gestures or large events, it was an unforgettable experience. Given the opportunity in future, I would love to return to Germany for further studies and research. Auf Wiedersehen!


Raghu Menon

Internship - Aerospace Engineering
DLR Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt

I am Raghu I. Menon, an electrical engineering graduate from Amrita University.  I was lucky to have been offered a six month long internship position at DLR Oberpfaffenhoffen near Munich.  I was guided by two professors, one from Germany and the other from China. My position was sponsored by a consortium of global aerospace leaders in aircraft manufacturing under the More Electric Aircraft project. I was able to help design and commission a hardware test rig to validate a renewable energy device for aircraft actuators. Overall my trip left me satisfied and has helped me make many friends from various parts of the world. I feel the Indian and the German culture have a lot in common and would encourage everyone to visit Deutschland.


Ramesh Murthi

Master Degree – Robotics
Technische Universität Dortmund

I represent the world’s biggest democracy. In Germany I had a chance to understand the importance of a self-sustained nation with a better quality of life. When I started my career, I realized India has  plenty of potential but still we inherit some basic challenges. There are numerous NGOs, political organizations and great leaders, what we really lack is an entrepreneurial model. Germany has truly been a pioneer in execution of innovation, with very organized individual components. This was the reason behind for my decision to study in Germany. Germany provided me an opportunity to explore different segments such as tu>startup, student elections, organizing cultural events and sports. I am working on developing a sustainable model called Blue Triangle Innovations which aims to raise 1K innovations before 2025.  In 2025 India is going to host 67% of the 1.2 Billion is below 27 years old. There is a need to convert our thinking towards right practice, and if you are an ambitious student who has a vision, Germany would probably be the right place for you. I highly recommend TU Dortmund to accomplish your ambitions.


Sagarika Basak

Internship - Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Hallo! I am Sagarika Basak, a Physics undergrad at IISER Pune. Along with academics, I am currently trying to understand the underlying physics of Rydberg atoms in the ultracold regime, with the possibility of my work contributing towards tomorrow's quantum computers! I was awarded a DAAD WISE fellowship for an exciting three month internship in Deutschland, in the summer of 2015. The environment was highly conducive for research. I had the freedom to think and work on my own, to figure things out on my own, and to work at my own pace. My group members ranged from undergrads to post-doctoral fellows. Even then, discussions happened on an equal plane with collaborative problem solving. I was afraid of being clueless with all the freedom, but at the end of my internship I had completed one project and started another, which I am continuing while staying in contact with my supervisor in Berlin. Berlin was an enriching experience - be it the random strolls around Tempelhof garden to midnight walks around Brandenburger Tor to Karaoke Sundays at Mauerpark. It was fun, yet thrilling at the same time, getting down at random bus stops and running around looking for another bus. People were always helpful despite my limited Deutsch. My experiences in Berlin made me a much more independent and confident person. I am enthused to be a DAAD Young Ambassador to be able to share my experiences and to be able to guide you towards the land of ideas!


Savio Norbert Francis D Souza

Internship - Mechanical Engineering
Ruhr Universität Bochum

The IAESTE-DAAD scholarship gave me the opportunity to pursue a research internship at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation (ICAMS) at Ruhr-University Bochum. The summer was a very enriching experience for me both technically and culturally. I’m Savio Norbert D Souza a senior pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal. The project I worked on during my stay involved the usage of machine learning techniques for material sciences problems. The research environment at ICAMS was truly a nourishing one, and it was refreshing to see people from so many different cultural and professional backgrounds work in perfect unison. My professor and research guide were extremely resourceful and helpful. During my two months, I worked, travelled and partied my fair share. All my initial apprehensions regarding how difficult my survival would be without knowing Deutsch lasted only for a couple of hours after my touchdown. The kind nature of the Germans, their public transport, weather, food aside what impressed me most during my stay was that all Germans are pathologically punctual. All in all it was a memorable experience, and I would like to urge anyone who has the opportunity to pursue their studies in Germany to not miss it!


Siddharth Muthukumar

Internship - Electronics & Communication
Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

Germany is a great place to be and spending the summers of 2015 interning at TU Freiberg in the field of Computer Vision under the DAAD WISE programme was my first international experience. Hallo everyone! This is Siddharth Muthukumar, undergraduate student at Dept. of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. My interests lie in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. The topic of work my was "Fusion of RGB-D HOG-SVM and 2D laser scanner leg detector for people detection by mobile robot inside mines". Right from day one, I was astounded at the way Germans planned and executed their work. Transport is super-punctual. You could literally set the clock looking at the train's arrival at a station. Work culture demands hard work on weekdays and partying to your heart's delight on weekends. My ways too as a result improved a lot, inculcating their work culture qualities into mine. Germans are great people. I remember how in the initial days of the project, I used to flood them with questions and they would patiently answer each one of them. And truly hats off to their engineering marvels and infrastructure. The town I was in had a fair where it took only a day to erect a 150 feet high giant wheel using giant trucks as the base. I loved the place so much that I wanted the internship to stretch even further. Well, I am back now in India and would love to help aspirants have a similar wonderful experience in Germany.


Srikrishna Bhogaraju

Master Degree - Automotive Engineering
Fachhochschule Ingolstadt

Fast cars, state of the art technology, innovation, extreme passion towards any and every work assigned and punctuality that would make even my cuckoo clock go hiding.... Germany has never failed to excite me in every way and has only pushed me to work harder and excel with the sole purpose if achieving engineering excellence.
My experience in Germany has truly been an enriching one, a huge learning experience to which I owe every bit of what I am in my professional life today and I wish to share these experiences with students and individuals alike who wish to pursue their dream of studying and living in Germany. Of course the biggest thrills of all are the no speed limit autobahns and topping a 250kmph on the speedo in an AUDI S 7.


Sumit Arora

Semester Exchange – Physics
Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz

Being born in the family of Pharmacists, medicines have always attracted my attention. Following my master’s degree in pharmacy, I realized that merely a master’s degree is not sufficient to make me competent enough to carry out the challenging task of pharmaceutical research. I decided to pursue my doctorate with specialization in the development of drug products meant for the treatment of lung diseases. I started working with formulations which are meant to be aerosolized efficiently so that patients can inhale it. Though from the biology background, I was very much interested in studying the role played by surfaces forces in influencing the dispersion of dry powder inhalable formulations which lies in the subject area of Physics. I actively started looking for the world leaders in the field of surface physics and my search narrowed down to only one country Germany. Germany is an excellent place for pursuing advance research. During my time at Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, I met the most compassionate people who helped me in learning a completely new field. It was challenging and rewarding both personally and professionally. I made friends for life in Germany and had amazing memories and experiences. We also danced on a Bollywood song at the Christmas party in Max Planck. Travelling to other EU countries and interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds made me more empathetic for other people’s feelings. It was an experience of lifetime and it is my duty to share it with other fellow students.


Vignesh Ramani

Master Degree - Automation and Robotics
Technische Universität Dortmund

Germany stands best in its class of precision, punctuality, education, technology, living standards and lots more.  As a Bachelors student in Mechanical Engineering, I always dreamt of pursuing my Masters in Germany. True to this, I stepped into this wonderland on October 2, 2012. I am currently doing my Masters in Automation and Robotics at TU Dortmund. Being a middle class student from India, I find it very comfortable to study in Germany because there are no tuition fees and moreover the students are allowed to do part time jobs like student assistantships to support their livings. This could also build up their career profile and management skills. The smart methods of teachings like flipped classroom, oral and open book exams, flash card preparations, industrial visits, research oriented assignments etc. attract students all over the globe. The friendly Germans and the peaceful environment provide students a mental ill free state of mind. Indian students' communities are wide spread in German universities and towns. So, Indian students can find support to handle their initial works and could easily get along with their course of living. Food for international students from India is never a problem because of the wide spread Asian markets. Thus, as a DAAD Young Ambassador, I strongly recommend students to utilize the various opportunities offered by Germany to enrich their learning experience.


Dr. Vinay Vijaya Kumar

PhD Degree - Dentistry (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

My experience in Germany started with a one year scholarship for Oral Implantology in the Department of Oral Maxillofacial-Facial Plastic Surgery, Universitätsmedizin, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, in the year 2010. This was an enriching experience and an eye opener. Germany taught me to be methodical, organised and to envision the end result right at the beginning. Academically, there were opportunities to be simultaneously associated with high end clinical work as well as advanced research- a perfect setting for a clinician-scientist. I made close associations with leading experts in the field and was able to start collaborative projects. German colleagues and seniors were warm, accommodating and guided me when required. Apart from academics, Germany is extremely safe, beautiful and clean. It makes you independent and confident. Colleagues and friends are very fun-loving and adventurous. The country is perfectly located to travel around Europe. There's a lot that you can learn in Germany, not just academics or a new language, but a whole different way you look at life! Due to the awesome experience in my scholarship year, it was difficult for me to stay away from Germany. Luckily I have had the opportunity to continue in the university ever since as a guest faculty....and it’s been absolutely wunderbar!!