Young Ambassadors


Batch 2016-17

Allmin Pradhap Singh Susaiyah

Semester Exchange - Biomedical Image Processing
RWTH Aachen University

When, I got my scholarship award letter in 2015, August, little did I know that it would become the most memorable seven months of my life. I got the opportunity to work on my master’s thesis at the RWTH Aachen University through the DAAD-IIT MSP programme. Working in the area of Biomedical Image Processing, the Med IT institute provided me with state of the art facilities to work on a path breaking research project. This and the immense help and support provided by my supervisors greatly boosted up my technical skills and prospects. But, the best part is yet to come. The biggest take homes when it comes to an exchange programme in Germany are the virtues and values held by its people. The German people are polite, dedicated, efficient, honest and punctual. I had the opportunity to experience it in person and was truly inspired by it. Almost everything in Germany is well planned, organized and structured. I have been there for just seven months and I would already consider it a second home, mainly because of many wonderful friends I made there. I was able to learn German language by interacting with my neighbours and colleagues who were always there to help and teach me. I had many first time experiences in Germany such as carnival (chocolate overload), ice hockey, snow-fall and falling-on-snow (skiing). Germany being located at the heart of Western Europe, I was able to quickly travel to several other countries such as Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium and France during the weekends. I had an exciting and enchanting time in Germany and I would definitely recommend and help students who would like to pursue their studies in Germany and experience the same.

Amit Shrivastava

Microbial Biotechnology
Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Germany is truly a land of ideas and greatly encouraged me to do the best in my research and studies. My bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees are in biotechnology. During my doctoral studies, I have worked on understanding the molecular mechanism of stress tolerance in bacteria. My current research interest focuses on elucidation of signal cascade linking environmental signals/stress response with abiotic stress tolerance ability of eco-agricultural strains of microbes. I had my working bench at Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen in Germany for two years and it was the most productive period for my doctoral thesis. In Germany, I learned the real meaning and benefits of being organized, punctual, self-dependent and hard working. German universities and research institutions have great academic and research environment. Professors are always ready to help and open for discussion. My colleagues were very friendly and supportive and I never felt any hesitation to discuss any sort of issues with them. Germany has a larger pool of international students and hence, I got the opportunity not only to make friends with Germans but with people from all over the world. The one thing that I find greatly impressive was the feeling of getting in personal contact with the history, art and grandeur of medieval times of Europe. The city festivals, “stammtisch”, local student parties, christmas markets and planned travels to beautiful German towns gave me some of the best memories of a lifetime.

Aniruddha Dutta

PhD degree - Material Science (Metal Physics)
RWTH Aachen University

Hello, I am Aniruddha, currently pursuing my PhD. at the Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf. Greetings from Germany. My research is in the Metal Physics area of Material Science. I found my way to Düsseldorf after completing my Masters at RWTH Aachen University. Apart from work, I am a science slammer, a musician and an avid sculler - being part of the RWTH Aachen University rowing team. To get away from the gruelling work schedule, yes my work is physically and mentally very demanding, I often cycle away … sometimes all the way to another region, even into another country. Germany is a great place, not just for cutting edge technology and world-class products. It has lot more to offer like music, philosophy, history. Some of the greatest minds shaped the course of human civilization. Not to speak of the impeccable etiquette of the German people, both in private and public space, and their fetish for perfection, in everything they do. And for those of you, who think Germans are serious people, join me during the Carnivals. If you can’t find me there, look for the elephant.

Ankita Sood

Semester Exchange - Architecture and Planning
Technische Universität Darmstadt

When, in 2012, I joined IIT Roorkee for post-graduation I had no idea the journey will take me to Deutschland or I must say to dreamland. DAAD – IIT Master Sandwich Program was the medium and it gave me one of the most enriching experiences of my life. My research area revolves around making disaster-resilience a mainstream urban-planning consideration in India. To my astonishment the entire Germany became a case-study for my project with its well-laid and functional cities. Thus I was not only learning at TU-Darmstadt but each day spent in the country was adding to my knowledge. Now when I look back and think about Germany I remember the warmth in people’s heart, their commendable work ethics and very open culture that accommodates all. Thank you DAAD India for giving me the chance to give back to the mission as Young Ambassador. Happy to serve!

Anujaya Krishna

Master degree - Law
Europa-Kolleg Hamburg, University of Hamburg

The DAAD accorded me an incredible opportunity to pursue my Master’s in Law in Hamburg. While the programme was great in itself, the preliminary language course in Berlin made the German experience very enjoyable and memorable indeed. As awardees of the Dr. Angela Merkel-Jawaharlal Nehru scholarship, we got the wonderful chance to meet Frau Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel at the German Chancellery and interact with important policy-makers. As part of my course at Hamburg, I imbibed knowledge about European and international law, and also interned with one of the best law firms globally. The curriculum was very well-rounded and really broadens one’s perspective on law and international affairs. It is not just what one studies in Germany that stays with them but also the little habits one inculcates like punctuality, attention to detail and the impetus to think and innovate. The people in Germany are very helpful and honest, and to my understanding, what makes the system so efficient is the consciousness among the people, who are willing and eager to follow the law and good practices. Another thing that makes living in Germany a joyride is the public transport system where everything is well-planned, commuter-friendly and safe. Germany has on offer something for everyone- picturesque beauty, historical sites, exquisite food, inviting Christmas markets, and of course, world-class study and research facilities. It is a place that stays in your heart, no matter which corner of the world you may be in.

Anupam G. Parlikar

Master degree - Power Engineering
Technische Universität Muenchen
I was a sophomore at NIT Jamshedpur, studying Mehanical Engineering when a senior of mine studying at IIT Madras was selected for the IIT Masters sandwich programme. At that point of time, I hadn't really gotten down to looking up universities for higher education, and wasn't really well-informed about the numerous hows, and whats and wheres. It was he who introduced me to the education scenario in Germany, and a few insightful talks set the cogs in motion. By the time I was a final year student, I could see my inclination towards the Energy sector growing stronger. But, I had already bagged a job offer in the energy sector during the first month of the seventh semester, and was planning on shifting the plan of higher studies to the back burner for a couple of years. That was when I chanced upon this programme at TUM which caught my fancy. I applied for admission to just that one programme, and to no other programme in the world. After being shortlisted and interviewed online, I was fortunate to get admission.     Munich is a fantastic city, and is home to pleasant and agreeable folks. The public transport system is excellent and helps, and motivates you to explore a lot of the breath-taking Bavarian landscape which surrounds Munich. The university is  gigantic with nearly 40000 students enrolled, and has an electrifying atmosphere, one that drives you to learn, innovate and expand your field of vision. Along with my studies, I also currently work as a Research assistant in one of the labs of the Department of Mechanical engineering, and have already gained some valuable hands-on experience. TUM also has a very high proportion of international students, perhaps the highest in Germany. My programme has students hailing from nearly 25 other countries, and we all get to learn a lot from each other. The university's international student body: TUMi, takes special care of international students by organizing several trips around Germany for both fun, and learning. This coupled with German language lessons, ensures that you can integrate smoothly into the German scheme of things.

Aparajita Dubey

Master degree - Architecture and Planning
HafenCity Universität Hamburg

An architect by training, I pursued my post-graduation in a state-of-the-art course about Resource Efficiency from Hamburg, Germany aided by the DAAD program. Academically, the environment was very meticulous yet it ameliorated my passion and individualistic approach. Literally living-in and visiting efficient examples of planning, sustainable development and even architecture enhanced my perception towards method and intricacies while simultaneously striving towards precision regardless of the scale of projects. The challenge of dealing with in real-life projects further bolstered the experience.     Belonging to a comparatively conservative town, the time spent in Germany offered a striking comparison between what I had known as opposed to what existed in another part of the world. It not only made me progressive towards education, profession, personal development but also endorsed me to challenge and be challenged about my professional as well as personal opinions on almost everything. Through the time spent there and travelling around Europe and UK, I got exposure to new languages, diverse food, culture and people from different nationalities culminating in a life-time worth of memories and invaluable experience. Additionally, attending the DAAD annual meetings presented unparalleled opportunities for networking along with insight into experiences of fellow members. Though far from satiated, I returned equipped with experiences, memories and a whole lot of friends. Although the achievements and experiences listed above are but a fraction of the whole, yet I hope it will encourage people in future to pursue their dreams without reserve.

Aparna Balagopalan

Internship - Electronics & Communication
Technische Universität Dresden

I am a fourth-year undergraduate at IIT Guwahati, majoring in Electronics and Communication Engineering.  My knowledge about Germany was initially limited to the fact that it is the land of ideas, engineering and cars. But it is so much more - a hub of cultures, discipline and punctuality, as I found out when through the DAAD WISE, I was given an opportunity to work in Germany. I interned at the Computer Vision Lab, TU Dresden and got to experience research in a field I am very passionate about. My professor and supervisors were extremely helpful and encouraged intense discussions and new ideas. The people in Germany are friendly and eager to help. I met not just Germans, but also people from different parts of the world such as Italy, Romania and Malaysia. Dresden is an amazing city with beautiful architecture, with some parts of the city extremely modern and some enhanced in artistic splendour. I also travelled a lot more than I had imagined I would during the weekends, fuelled by my impulse to travel and the great hostel network in Europe.  Though my stay in Germany was for about three months, I experienced a new culture, got to work on an engaging topic and meet people from around the globe. Germany is ideal for education; research as well as travel. I would encourage anyone with an inquisitive mind to look into the amazing opportunities that Germany offers.

Arjun Dure Prakash

Master degree – International Automotive Engineering
Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt

I am currently pursuing my Masters degree in Automotive Engineering at Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany.  As Germany is a pioneer in the field of Automotive Industries the possibilities to gain practical knowledge is immense. My education and stay in Germany has been an enriching experience. Some features of my experience encompass the state of art technology, clear scheduled rules and procedures, the standard of living. Moreover, I found Germans very amiable and warm apart from being helpful. However, the predominant aspect is the German education system. The courses and syllabus were well-planned and punctuality was maintained throughout the year with the incorporation of the latest technology. With the people helping me without bias, it becomes easier to cope with coursework making it a meaningful experience. In my opinion, German culture has been engrossing. Germany has a million great things to offer. I have always been amazed by the diligence, punctuality and efficiency of Germans. This feature is manifested in almost every single field in this country. The trains, buses, supermarkets, professors, students, work with such precision and efficiency, that it is mind-boggling.  My duration in Germany has definitely broadened my horizon about life and widened my knowledge.  I would wholeheartedly recommend individuals to Study in Germany.

Ashutosh Kumar

Semester Exchange - Civil Engineering
Technische Universität Darmstadt

Hello Everybody, I am a PhD research scholar at department of Civil Engineering of IIT Bombay, India. In 2013, I got the prestigious DAAD IIT Master Sandwich Scholarship to spend my memorable seven months for carrying M.Tech. dissertation at TU Darmstadt, Germany. This was my first visit to a foreign land which has a different culture and language altogether. I joined IITB for M.Tech. in 2012 with the notion for a better job, but the opportunity of completing my M.Tech. Dissertation at TU Darmstadt changed my focus towards research and I thought of pursuing PhD even after a lot of constraints from my parents who hail from Bihar, where government jobs are given highest priority. My host Professor at TUD introduced me to his research group and asked me to plan the research activities to be carried out during my stay, which resulted in the publication of my works in a reputed Journal and in an international conference. Although IIT Bombay has nice research environment, this program has given me a complete new perspective in research and motivated me to carry out research as per the social needs. Not having a German language background didn’t pose a bar and didn’t face any difficulties in speaking to the natives there, credit for which goes to the amazing German language instructor. One amazing thing about being a student in Germany is the free local transportation facilities and discounted access to many amusement activities. Anyone who loves to travel and wants to study will always find community right there. I got an opportunity to travel various parts of Europe and meet people which are still in my memories because of the different culture and kindness they shared with me. The takeaway from Germany for me was motivation to do research and live a planned life. Please don’t hesitate in contacting me for getting information about study, research and stay in Germany.

Debanuj Chatterjee

Internship - Physics
Stuttgart University

Hello! I am Debanuj Chatterjee and currently I am pursuing Masters in Physics from IISER Kolkata. I study the science of light. So let me shed some light on my experience in Germany: Through DAAD I was given a chance to visit Germany for a summer internship. I worked for two months in the Rydberg Quantum Optics group in the University of Stuttgart. The focus of my internship was on interfacing a camera for monitoring cold atom clouds and developing a graphical user interface for the same. Apart from working in the lab, I exploited the opportunity of visiting a foreign land by travelling, meeting new people and participating in inter-cultural exchanges. The Berlin Meet organized by DAAD for the DAAD WISE scholars was a huge success! It was a wonderful experience to meet other DAAD WISE scholars interning in different parts of Germany and getting to know about German culture and lifestyle in general. Due to my love for football, I got in touch with many other football fanatics in Stuttgart. I developed a very positive impression about the people I met. They were warm, practical, inclusive, enthusiastic and generous! Whether it was in the small gestures or large events, my experience in Germany was surely a memorable one. Given the opportunity in future, I would love to return to Germany for research, higher studies and fun!

Dharmesh Hirani

Phd Degree - Biology
Universität Zu köln

I am Dharmesh Hirani; I received my M.Sc. Biology from the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany in 2015. Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. at the Children’s Hospital of the University of Cologne, Germany. I have chosen Germany for various reasons, notable amongst those because I always strived to be a part of a creative team in an environment with state of art technology for life science research. As the world saying, Germans always aim for excellence and the best is not good enough. Certainly, aiming for excellence also applies to the German education system as well. Thereby Germany is one of the pre-eminent countries for higher education, with worldwide renowned Universities and scientists. Hence, I am experiencing the perfectionism in the German education system during my career. Working with Comprehensive Pulmonology Centre München and Helmholtz Zentrum München during my master not only improved my molecular research but also initiate an early stage of my career in a scientific network. Currently, I am continuing my career pursuing a Ph.D., which gives me unique opportunity to expand my scientific knowledge and broaden my horizon in the research field. I have been living in Germany since September-2013 and relishing my stay. Germany gave me an opportunity to meet new people and to be a part of their culture. I also developed punctuality, purposefulness, and preciseness toward my work. My studies in Germany sharpen my competitiveness and also opened more horizons to expand my thoughts.

Dinkar Jois

Master degree - Mechanical Engineering
RWTH Aachen University

Germany and Germans! The first thoughts that come to my mind are precise, punctual, clear thinking, trust worthy, polite straight forward, organized, technologically advanced, research oriented to name a few. Hallo, I‘m Dinkar Jois, master’s graduate from RWTH Aachen University, Germany. It was a great moment as well a challenge for me back in 2011 when I got an admit to pursue post graduate master degree at world’s one of the most renowned university for Mechanical Engineering, RWTH Aachen. My specialization, “Combustion Engines” was considered to be one of the toughest courses at RWTH. I landed in Germany with lots of doubts and stress levels. However, when the course work started and when I began to interact with local people, learning their language & adapting to their way of life, my mission Germany wasn’t that tough indeed. In the process, a new bonding got created within me for Germany, which I would endeavour forever. For a person with passion to learn and enjoy, Germany is the place to be in, where hallmark of everything is systematic. It would just excite us in everything and pushes one to work harder to reach the set goal without compromising on any aspect of life.    I owe every bit of what I‘m today to my home country India, which set the foundation and to Germany which gave enormous learning experiences & launching me with the right kinetic energy into the professional world. It is a pleasure to share my enriching German experiences to facilitate aspiring individuals wishing to embark on journeys to realize their Great German Dream.

Ishaan Raj

Master degree - Informatics
Technische Universität Muenchen

I'm a 2nd-year master student of Informatics in Technical University of Munich. Germans are known for precision and perfectionism and one will notice the same in the education system. But it's not all about education, but experience and exposure that would change one's life. I've learned many skills like time management, language, and punctuality, just to mention a few, without even learning. In Germany you will be educated by mind and not with just a degree!


Jasmine Wadhwa

Internship - Materials and Metallurgical Engineering
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Hello! I am Jasmine Wadhwa, currently a final year undergraduate student at PEC University of Technology, majoring in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. I got an opportunity to intern at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology from January to July 2016 in the field of Photo-switchable Surface Mounted Metal-Organic Frameworks (SURMOFs). Opting to intern in Germany has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has been truly an enriching experience in ways more than one. Academically, I was amazed by the laboratories which are equipped with state of the art technology. The experiences pertaining to the research environment and the regular interactions with my guide and other colleagues have helped me further my interest in the subject. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about fitting in due to my inability to speak the local language but surprisingly, I spent a perfectly hassle-free time in Germany. The hospitable nature of the locals doesn’t make you feel like an outsider. And of course, the efficiency and the systematic way with which the administration runs is inexplicable. I also got a chance to visit a few other places in Europe and it has been a memorable experience. My stay in Germany has left an indelible mark on me which makes me want to pursue higher studies from there too. Also, I am keen to be one of this year’s Young Ambassadors in order to be able to guide others for the same and share my experience of studying and living in the Land of Ideas.

Karthik Duddu Sai Meher

Internship - Computer Vision
Technische Universität Dresden

Germany is known as the Land of Ideas, and this is especially true in case of higher technical education, where research output is one of the highest worldwide. Excellent research facilities and healthy industry-academia relations make it lucrative for pursuing graduate studies (it is currently ranked third as a destination for international studies). As a Computer Science undergraduate invited to one of the foremost Computer Vision labs in Europe (CVLD, TU Dresden), I've had a great experience in Germany, both academically and otherwise. The vibrant lab atmosphere, regular research colloquiums (both intra- and inter-lab), a directed approach towards research, ample infrastructure and a supportive international office ensured an enriching academic experience. Backpacking across Europe during the weekends was an experience of a lifetime - from enchanting Paris, to risqué Amsterdam, to archaic Prague, to exciting Switzerland, and many more - it was all fabulous! I've taken away a lot from the entire experience, and I hope to give back a little by way of guiding future students.

Madhuri Sathyanarayana Rao

Master degree - Molecular Life Sciences
University of Jena

September 2013 marked the beginning of many firsts in my life – the first flight, the first stay away from home, the first leap into an amazing cultural land - Germany. Hallo! I am Madhuri, working at DST GmbH in the beautiful small city, Schwerin. Germany has always been portrayed as a land of automobiles and technology. During my Masters at the University of Jena in Molecular Life Sciences, I was humbled to have accumulated a lot of 'learning by doing' by working in several labs. Truly ‘multi-kulti’, I fell in love with the natural beauty, helpful citizens, and the much respected work culture. Independence, discipline and integrity in work and as a person are the qualities one catches on while living here. Passion to learn never goes unnoticed here. I strongly recommend every student to pursue studies in Germany, as apart from academic learning, living in this country teaches you so much more every single day, shaping you as an individual ready to face any kind of challenge. This experience has enriched me and broadened my outlook on life. I consider Germany my second home away from home, as I have made friends for life, and could easily adapt to the culture. As a Young Ambassador, I will strongly support and mentor every student who wishes to pursue studies and further as a professional in Germany. For I believe, it will be a truly cherish able journey in life.

Manav Nandu

Internship - Energy Science and Engineering
Augsburg University of Applied Sciences

Hello, I am a fourth-year undergraduate pursuing Energy Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. I interned for nine weeks in Augsburg University of Applied Sciences and this experience by far has been the most enriching one. We were developing a system which could run on decentralized power units (hydro, wind, PV) and provide electrical energy to the most sensible consumers (say hospitals) in the case of a blackout. This leads to establishing the entire Augsburg city as a stable power island. The entire project was funded by German Bundestag and it being implementation centered research got the best out of me. Transitioning and bureaucratic formalities was never a problem thanks to the excellent buddy program my host university runs.     I was amazed to see the work-life balance. Shout out to the exchange students at my university, there always were exciting and fun plans in the evening. I found myself doing sports and hitting the gym to attending a tram party and clubbing. Coming to traveling, the location of Germany could not be apter. I ended up visiting 6 countries and made memories of a lifetime.     I am grateful to DAAD WISE for this wonderful opportunity. I would like to conclude by saying that if you are looking to spend time in Europe, Germany is THE location.

Mrunmayi Parchure

Master Degree - Communication Engineering
Hochschule Darmstadt

I am a student of Hochschule Darmstadt studying in IMSEIT with a specialization in Communication Engineering. I arrived in Germany in September 2015 and then, from time to time, I realize that coming here and studying here has been the best thing which has ever happened in my life! Along with the precision and progress in Science and Technology, the free education, the flexibility in the education system, the “earn and learn” concept and the independence to express your own thoughts and ideas makes it a great place to study. My stay in Germany since last 1 year has changed me to the core. I could experience the German culture here. I befriended people from different countries, backgrounds and regions in the World. I became open to cultural differences. I learnt how to deal with all sorts of people. Moreover, Germany provides a large number of facilities to students. These facilities make your life easier. I became independent in every aspect. Right from the day I came here, I have experienced German particularity, punctuality, meticulousness and accuracy in every activity. I have always tried to absorb and imbibe the same qualities in me from time to time. Overall, it is a lifetime experience and I would like to share this experience and help all the deserving students. I am grateful to DAAD-India for giving me this opportunity and platform.

Murugesan Venkatesan

Master degree - Management
Hamburg University of Technology

I am extremely happy that I completed my Masters in International Production Management at Hamburg University of Technology. The ground-breaking moment was the 'Cradle to Cradle' conference that I had attended. The conference, being the mind changer left me awe struck for the fact that the Germans are environmental conscious and the importance given to 'green technologies' is high. Also, Germany is really keen on addressing Sustainability issues in developing nations such as India - Indo-German Environmental Partnership (IGEP) program is one such activity. The circumstances back in India being poor solid waste management and environmental degradation in various forms - deeply disturbed me. This motivated me to write my master thesis on the topic 'End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV) Recycling in India: Balancing Economy and Ecology from Grave to Cradle'. I was sufficiently fortunate that my Mentor was keen on the project too and now we are working on the research topic 'ELV recycling in India as a Frugal process'. I enjoyed my personal and social life as well and it is mostly because of the city i lived in. Hamburg is energetic and encompasses multi cultures. I made some great companionship from various parts of the World. The life lessons learned and the connections made in Germany would definitely play a gigantic part in realizing my Entrepreneurial dream – setting up an ELV recycling plant in India.

Dr. Namratha Jagdish

Master – Medicine
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin

Hi everyone, practical, punctual, purposeful, precise and polite. If I were to describe Germany and the Germans, that is what I would say. My experience as a doctor has been ever so enriching and fruitful. Medical post graduate education in Germany is not the road taken by many. It is rather few who choose to tread on this adventurous journey. Learning the language well is the key. Apart from good clinical and theoretical know how, there are a whole lot of cultural intricacies to which one has to get oriented to as a doctor. As a resident, post-graduation training is on the job and for a period of 5 years. The entire time is spent in various hospitals under a department of our choice with vast opportunities to learn.  It’s a whole new world out here waiting to be explored. I am more than excited to be a part of the process to help young minds take this path less travelled by.  Two roads diverged in the wood, and I took the one less travelled by.  And that has made all the difference.  ...lines from a Poem "The road not taken” by Robert Frost.

Narayan Prasad

PhD Degree - Space Science and Technology
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

As an Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster graduate, I got a chance to study at the University of Würzburg and then did my following semesters at Sweden and France. Given the quality of industries and research institutions, I felt that Germany is a great destination for studies leading that lead into either industry or research. This made me come back to Germany in the last leg of my studies to work at the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt (DLR) to complete my thesis. My stay at Germany at both the University of Würzburg as well as DLR Institute of Space Systems, Bremen gave me a holistic perspective of how being a part of excellent research institutions can develop deep learning with great collaborations, leading to developing state-of-the-art technology success stories backed by a historically profound academic foundation. As a PhD candidate Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, I continue to engage with German academia in Business Studies and enjoy engaging with students/researchers from across the world who wants to explore Germany as an academic destination.

Neelakshi Joshi

PhD degree - Urban Planning and architecture
Dresden Leibniz Graduate School

I am an architect and urban planner with keen interest in sustainable development. I am currently pursuing a PhD at the Dresden Leibniz Graduate School. I find the research environment in Germany to be extremely disciplined yet allowing ample space for individual creativity. Access to high quality research and regular skill development are part of most graduate programs. Living in well planned German cities and visiting several energy efficient sustainable settlements has further enthused me on the subject. Learning German language and experimenting with local food has helped me connect better with people, who I found to be accommodating and encouraging. I am keen to be this year’s Young Ambassador and share my experience of studying and living in Germany with prospective students and researchers.

Neha Jaykar

Master degree -Chemical Engineering
Technische Universität Dortmund

Hallo! I am currently studying masters in Process System Engineering in Technische Universität Dortmund. I am a Chemical Engineer, did my bachelor's from the University of Pune. I have been here in Germany since last 10 months. This was the first time I have ever been completely on my own. And I am glad to say that this has turned to be an amazing experience till now. This is just because of the Country and the people. Staying here, meeting new people from all around the world, learning about their cultures, cuisines, languages is altogether a wonderful encounter. Along with that comes a completely independent life which I had never come across till I was home. All of these upgrade a person in many ways.
Managing with the studies I take out time to swim, cook diverse vittles , travel places, listen to a good music which you will find on almost every street in Germany!  I am really thankful to DAAD to give me an opportunity to help and encourage the students to study in Germany. Because I am sure that this country won't disappoint you in any way! May it be the education system, free education or the fact of sharing borders with 9 other countries, so that you can travel as much as you want! It will fulfil all your expectations. You will experience a marvellous blend of culture, music, history, sports and technology. Coming here you will live your dream of seeing the 'Made in Germany' success story in real. And then this country will redefine finesse, precision and punctuality.  Hence I would love to motivate the aspiring candidates to explore the country in every possible way. Alles Gute!

Parul Tomar

PhD degree - Bio-Medical Sciences
Max Planck Institue of Immunobiology and Epigenetics

I am a PhD student at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics. I have a Master degree in Biological Sciences from Tata Institute for Fundamental Research, India. My research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying genetic regulation in human tissues under normal and diseased conditions such as cancer. During my stay in Germany, I have enjoyed working on exciting problems in genetics in a stimulating scientific environment, where I have been able to build relationships with researchers from around the world, and employ state-of-the-art techniques in my research. I enjoy the atmosphere of Germany that encourages work-life balance, and have taken advantage of this by traveling extensively when not culturing cells in the lab.

Pranav Dhawan

Master degree - Hydro-Informatics and Water Management
Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus – Senftenberg

I am currently pursuing Erasmus Mundus EuroAquae (Hydro-Informatics and Water Management). I completed my first semester of my studies in BTU Cottbus, the second semester of my studies in Newcastle University upon Tyne, UK, while the third semester in University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis, France. I was also interning in World Meteorological Organization, Geneva. I am currently completing my master thesis in International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage.  A friendly country with warm people, Germany is a wonderful place for someone who is interested in pursuing education. Cottbus, being a very small city, I got to meet a lot of people from different cultures, religions and countries. Germany offered me a great place and a wonderful environment. Also having completed Goethe Zertifikat C1 and having pursued C2, it was a great opportunity for me to interact with German people openly and talking to them on many topics, which would not have been possible if I wouldn’t have learnt the language.

Ram Karnani

Internship - Computer Science Engineering
Freie Universität Berlin

I am a Computer Science Engineering student at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, with an active interest in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science. I had the opportunity to pursue a 2 months long internship this summer at the Corporate Semantics Web Group at Freie Universität Berlin as a DAAD WISE Scholar, which became an extremely cherished experience of my life. I experienced hands-on why Germany is known as the Land of Innovation when I got exposure to the kind of work that is being done here in my field, which also made me proud of my decision to spend my summer here. My colleagues and Professor at the University were extremely approachable and encouraging and made sure that I delivered my best to the project assigned to me. My Professor would often share details of meet-ups related to my field and encourage me to attend them to further foster my learning. While weekdays went into nurturing my passion, weekends were devoted to well-planned road-trips to explore the neighbouring countries and some beautiful cities of Germany which not only gave us a wonderful exposure to various cultures and cuisines but also a very broad outlook towards life. Germany not only has the perfect academic infrastructure but also various policies to support and safeguard passionate students, be them of any field, and having experienced it first-hand, I have no doubts declaring it as the best education destination in the world!

Rishabh Jain

Internship - Civil Engineering
RWTH Aachen University

I am Rishabh Jain, a senior undergraduate student of Civil Engineering at IIT Gandhinagar. I was among the few fortunate students who got selected for the DAAD WISE scholarship program. My internship was at RWTH Aachen University, where I worked on application of data mining techniques in Geotechnical Engineering. My project increased my result analysing & interpretation skills and it helped me learn the concept of data mining in a much broader sense. It was huge learning experience not just in my field, but also in life. I learned a lot outside academics that have changed my outlook towards almost everything. It has turned me into a better, responsible, independent person. The three months in Germany gave me loads of memories that I can cherish my entire life; I got the opportunity to make new friends, interact with people of different culture and enjoyed both planned and unplanned trips. I must say adapting to the German working environment, adhering to the German principles and being part of one of the most technologically advanced cultures in the world was a matter of enormous personal growth for me, which not only boosted my confidence and increased my interpersonal skills but also helped me develop my personality and broaden my horizons. In short, that's a life lived within that summer! One hell of an endearing, fruitful and magical journey.

Rounak Manoj Changediya

Master degree - Mechatronics Engineering
Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Servus!!!  #Who am I? - Rounak Manoj Changediya #What do I study? - Mechatronics Engineering, Masters Course at Hochschule Kaiserslautern #What do I do? - Many incoming foreign students face for the first time a new country, new University; they sometimes even miss their friends, family and often have many problems… I try my best to address their problems at the student organisation AStA of University of Applied Sciences, Kaiserslautern.   #Why do I do it? – I am also an International Student. When I came from India, I had so many questions, fears…. It was all chaos!!! Luckily, I made some nice friends and I could get through the initial phase and now I am well adjusted. I wish to extend the same support further to upcoming students and I know which problems International students face. And thus, I can easily guide incoming students.   Besides that, I am a very friendly and open person. I just love to spend time with other people, learn through their experiences and see through other’s eyes… I may not be best at everything but I give my best to the thing I do. Want to know more? Feel free to write me an email and all your queries will be answered!!!

Sachit Varma

Master degree - Communications Technology (RF Engineering - Antenna)
University of Ulm

After studying electronics and some four years of work in India, I went on to pursue MSc. in Communications Technology with specialization in RF Engineering (antenna design) which I completed in mid-2015. I now work as an HF radar antenna designer for Continental ADAS in Munich. Germany is one of the best places to pursue advanced education in RF Engineering and University of Ulm (ranked top in Germany and 16th in the world young universities) is without a doubt absolutely amazing in infrastructure, research capabilities, academic guidance, actual industrial exposure and an eveready international office. Prestigious companies like Continental, Nokia, Intel, Audi, BMW, Siemens, Airbus etc. are inside the Science City campus itself giving the whole ecosystem a very dynamic feel. Being under constant supervision of immensely experienced Professors coming from both the industry and the academia naturally brings out the best efforts with the energies being directed accordingly to increase competence in what one is enthused by. The people and the culture of Germany are welcoming and pleasant. A very international environment, wide spectrum to choose focus-areas, state-of-the-art research capabilities, breath-taking landscapes and an ever strengthening economy only add the icing to the foundational cake of what this delightful country has to offer to the aspirants waiting to grow and feed their academic appetite. Being here for more than 3 years now has carved me into a far better professional. Certainly couldn't have thought of a better place than Germany for this inevitable transition.

Sowmiya Rani K S

Plant Biotechnology
University of Osnabrueck

My first encounter with the idea of DAAD was during my Master’s thesis work at IIT, Chennai. The idea of surviving a foreign land and language had held my fascination since then. Little did I know that four years and a little daughter later, I will embark on this adventure myself.  I was and still am pursuing my Ph.D. at the Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore. My work was at a point where it needed a robust model insect, technical expertise and laboratory facilities to work on the challenges of realizing RNAi as species-specific, environment-friendly insecticides, especially for lepidopteran pests. I was inspired by the work of my now co-supervisor at the University of Osnabrueck and the ‘DAAD Sandwich Scholarship’ seemed the logical choice. Apart from excellent infrastructure, precision, discipline, punctuality, inspiringly clean streets, inclusive transport facilities, affordable living costs, travel opportunities, the impeccable child care facilities and the German empathy is what carried me through nearly two years as a studying parent. Germany is one of the most sought after study destinations not without a reason and it is equally enchanting in its smaller cities with all their coziness as in the busy ones. Among several other memories, I still fondly recall my first late night travel and ‘The Nachtbus’ experience. Coming from a place where travelling the night streets was not for women, It started out with the anxiety of the unknown, eased into excitement of the beautiful journey, and remains etched as a nostalgic memory. That pretty much sums up my experience with Germany as well. I would be happy to share my experiences, answer those curious questions, motivate you to make that first step and share the joy of your journey. As clichéd as it may seem, yes, I would love to be back at my second home someday soon to experience its charm and magnificence yet again.

Tanaya Thorbole

Master degree - Environmental and Process Engineering
University of Stuttgart

A master in process Engineering, I am a proud employee of a turnkey project company in Germany. Having completed bachelors in Chemical Engineering in Pune University I worked in a Pharmaceutical company in Pune for 2 years before applying for master’s program in Stuttgart. In my job as a process Engineer in Pune I realized that the state of the Art technology in my field was in Germany and USA. My friends, already studying in Germany, informed me that I need not clear any entrance exam like GRE to get into German universities and that education was very cheap. Some of the courses did not even have tuition fees. So the education was free. The next barrier was the German language. After studying German language in school n college i was quite positive about overcoming that barrier. With a lot of support from DAAD personel from MMB Pune I applied to a number of universities in Germany and got admitted to University of Stuttgart where I was later on also offered a scholarship which I willingly accepted.    My experience in Germany in terms of technology was mind blowing. It was an entirely different world. Most of the things were done on machines or online. We had to take care of all the things by ourselves. Right from cooking and grocery shopping to visa application. We also had to work to support ourselves. I could afford not working for the entire 1st semester as I was awarded with the scholarship. However all my classmates already had found jobs by the end of first semester. Living in student hostel was another wonderful experience, being surrounded by your friends all the time, house parties etc. was entertaining.     As my course was an international course, there was a very international atmosphere and it was still OK if we could not speak German. It was only after I got a job as a work student in a company, I realized that surviving in world outside University (the real   world) is difficult without the language. So I learned the language simultaneously till B2 level. It was costly to attend a language school n give exams however these expenses were bared by my scholarship.    Today I am satisfied with my work and like the work environment in my company. It is very flexible and friendly and you are free to ask questions and give your opinion even to the CEO. My experience in Germany was adventurous. I encountered many good but also a few unpleasant situations. But every time I asked any local German for help they willingly helped me in whichever way possible.

Vanshaj Verma

Internship - Civil Engineering
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

I am presently pursuing my final year of Bachelors in Civil Engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh. I pursued my six months long 6th Semester Internship as a Research and Scientific Intern at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Karlsruhe from January to June 2016, working on a Research Project offered by the BMBF, Germany. By the end of this internship I felt very confident using the two very important civil engineering softwares based on GIS and Modelling and also about the applications of environmental engineering at large.   I thoroughly enjoyed life in Germany during my six months stay. From the good experiences at the university campus on weekdays; doing research work to travelling around to various cities and countries on the weekends. It was certainly a dream internship for me and I recommend everyone around to go and pursue their education from a German Institute. It was truly a life changing experience for me and Germany was very hospitable, friendly and amazing in all regards.

Venus Kashyap

Semester Exchange - Architecture
Technische Universität Berlin

Being an Architect, pursuing practice as well as academics, my goal is to be an architectural practitioner who is involved in praxis of sustainable architectural production that combines the pragmatism of a professional practice with the academic discourse. I had the opportunity to be part of the IIT-DAAD Master's Sandwich Program for year 2014-15 for a seven month exchange program at Technical University of Berlin. These seven months were the most amazing time I have ever witnessed. I completely fell in love with Berlin. Not only I gained exposure to latest technologies and architectural styles, but living in one of the cleanest and vibrant cities of the world enriched my personal and professional life with experiences.    The research in Germany is known for its excellence but the academic process exceeded my expectations. Pursuing my interest in sustainable architectural design incorporating landscape, while studying at TU Berlin, I took a number of courses in Architecture, Design and German language that helped in my research. The research facilities in German universities, the formal and informal interactions between peers, group discussions and presentations, all provided an excellent environment for research. The teachers and professors were very encouraging, accommodating and gave insightful reviews during research work and discussions.    Germany is also a great place to witness the architectural works of many great architects and thus learning by case examples was even more beneficial.  To be able to interact with students from various nations and cultures has broadened my thinking horizon. The seven months that I have spent in Berlin, were truly memorable. The entire experience of studying and working in an organized-punctual setting has truly given me learnings and benefited me for lifetime. Deutschland is truly the land of ideas and opportunities.

Vignesh Ramani

Master degree - Automation and Robotics
Technische Universität Dortmund

Germany stands best in its class of precision, punctuality, education, technology, living standards and lots more.  As a Bachelors student in Mechanical Engineering, I always dreamt of pursuing my Masters in Germany. True to this, I stepped into this wonderland on October 2, 2012. I am a recent graduate with Masters degree in Automation and Robotics from TU Dortmund. Being a middle class student from India, I found it very comfortable to study in Germany because there are no tuition fees and moreover the students are allowed to do part time jobs like student assistantships to support their livings. This could also build up their career profile and management skills. The smart methods of teachings like flipped classroom, oral and open book exams, flash card preparations, industrial visits, research oriented assignments etc. attract students all over the globe. The friendly Germans and the peaceful environment provide students a mental ill free state of mind. Indian students' communities are wide spread in German universities and towns. So, Indian students can find support to handle their initial works and could easily get along with their course of living. Food for international students from India is never a problem because of the wide spread Asian markets. Thus, as a DAAD Young Ambassador, I strongly recommend students to utilize the various opportunities offered by Germany to enrich their learning experience. seid bereit – Immer bereit !

Vishwas Vidyaranya

Master degree - Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management
Leibniz Universität Hannover

I'm Vishwas, pursuing my Masters in Sanitary Engineering and Waste Management at Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany. The experience of studying and pursuing research has been exceptional personally. There are several reasons Germany is a wonderful place to study.    Firstly, the standard of education is excellent and the courses were very relevant to the field of study.  The institutes had good research teams with industry collaborations which makes it easier to find an internship in the area of interest. I had the freedom to choose my area of research even before joining the Master’s program and was able to work on research projects right from the start of the course.  Europe has some of the most active technical groups and organizations and memberships for most of them are often free for students. The networking in these organizations has helped me to build my professional expertise and develop inter-personal skills. It is through such activities that I have been able to work with some of the best experts on waste management and managed to build collaboration, raise funds to design and implement municipal waste management systems in India.  It was very easy to integrate with the culture, even with basic German skills and the expat community is vibrant. Being in the heart of Europe is an advantage, especially to travel and experience other countries. Backpacking is a hobby of almost every international student in Germany. As a Young Ambassador, I hope mentor and inspire new students to pursue their studies in Germany.